In spite of the proliferation of specialized CAD programs, AutoCAD has maintained its position as the market leader for many years. Everyone who works in a design job in the engineering or architectural fields will eventually have to utilize this program; thus, it’s important for them to take the time to master the fundamentals of AutoCAD.

Users don’t have to be familiar with every command in AutoCAD, despite the program’s complexity. While some professionals in the field of AutoCAD have an in-depth understanding of the command line, the vast majority of AutoCAD drawing users just know the essentials. It’s possible to acquire the knowledge necessary for a certain activity without any further training or knowledge. There are a lot of commands in the AutoCAD Autodesk student for engineering students, as well as the AutoCAD architecture for architecture and design students that you may never use, but it also means there could be ones you’re overlooking that might improve your efficiency or save you time while using AutoCAD online.

What is AutoCAD?

Computer-Aided Design is what people refer to as “AutoCAD.” This piece of software is used in the process of designing and drafting. It enables users to conceive ideas, product designs, and drawings to the needed degree of technical precision, do quick design calculations and simulations in the area of manufacturing industries, and draw to the appropriate level of detail. The use of computer systems to help in the development, modification, and optimization of a design is what constitutes AutoCAD. Using this, we are able to develop drawings for use in building and manufacturing that are both 2D and 3D. It was created in 1982 by John Walker with the assistance of AUTODESK, and he has successfully maintained it ever since. It is most typically used for producing and updating 2D and 3D drawings for professional drafting with specific measurement information on the conceptual design and layout of the product, and it is also accessible in 14 different languages depending on where you are located.

The CAD program may be modified by users using a variety of accessible add-on applications to meet the specific needs of a project. It is possible for the user to make customized tool settings in order to examine and develop the product using wireframe and surface modeling. Favored in the fields of mechanical, telecom, civil, and architectural engineering, among others. Because of its prerequisites, it is in high demand among students as well as among businesses.

Benefits of Using AutoCAD

Because of its CAD interface, it is the greatest technical designing software for novices, making it ideal for study as well as the early phases of a career in engineering creation. Additionally, they are used as a skill development application for higher levels of education, such as graduate school. In addition to their respective benefits, both options need the design and modification of many components as a part of the project’s support requirements in order to accommodate forthcoming technological shifts.

Listed down below are some of the benefits of using AutoCAD:

  1. It is able to make designs that are precise to a high degree.
  2. Drawings may be made in either two or three dimensions, and they can be rotated.
  3. The design software may be integrated with a variety of other computer programs.
  4. As a tool for architectural planning, AutoCAD provides architects with the ability to design, plan, execute, and evaluate the structural integrity of a building while it is still in the design stage.
  5. As a tool for engineering drawing, AutoCAD enables engineers to develop, evaluate, and troubleshoot design problems, which ultimately leads to more accurate designs.
  6. When it comes to 3D printing, a 3D print comes with its own set of benefits for designers, and software assists them in realizing those benefits. It is possible to export the designs into a variety of user-preferred formats.
  7. The fashion sector makes extensive use of AutoCAD because it has the tools required for the planning of designs used in the creation of jewelry, toys, and other delicate goods.
  8. As a tool for industrial design, AutoCAD helps to cut down on production expenses by reducing the amount of time and labor that is necessary for manual designing.

Advantages of Using AutoCAD

You should use AutoCAD if you aren’t already. Here are some of the ways AutoCAD can help you design better.

  • Draw to size

One of the best things about AutoCAD is that you can draw things to scale. You start by deciding which units of measurement to use. Then you can draw your model on a 1:1 scale. This makes it easy to figure out how big the thing you’re drawing really is. You may change the size of the drawing without changing the drawing itself by changing the scale.

  • Easy to set up and read

It’s easy to zoom in and out and move to other parts of a drawing when you’re using AutoCAD. This is especially helpful when you’re working on designs that are big or complicated. The interface is easy to use, having different tools that let you see your drawing from different distances and points of view.

  • Draw it right

AutoCAD makes it easy to draw things the way you want them to look. It has a lot of options that let you set the exact size and placement of objects. There is a square grid on your screen. You can find the point you need by clicking on any interval on the grid. If you don’t think this is accurate enough, you can use your keyboard to type in the exact coordinates of where you want to start drawing.

  • Easy to make changes and less likely to make mistakes

You don’t have to take much of your time in AutoCAD just to make changes to a drawing. You can make designs quickly and easily with the software’s simple tools, which let you finish tasks in a period of time not longer than it would take to do them by hand.

  • Identify Design Problems

With CAD, you can see what your drawing looks like in 3D. You can turn it around to look at it from all sides and change the colors and line weight to get the look you want. This way of thinking about your product lets you find and fix any problems with the design before you start making it.

  • Figure out how much of each material you need for production

When you use AutoCAD to make a design, you can use a scanning tool to figure out how much of each material you’ll need to make it.

  • Safely store and send data

If your design team is big, you may need to have more than one person working on the same project spontaneously. You can do this with AutoCAD. The software keeps track of every change you make by making a database of everything you draw. Everything is stored safely.

  • Don’t waste time or money

One of the best things about computer-aided design is how efficient it is. All of these things make the design process go much faster and easier. This lets you finish a project as quickly as possible, saving you time and money.

13 AutoCAD Commands That Will Help You

Below are the top 13 commands that will help you in using AutoCAD:


Anyone who works with CAD files made by other people will, at some point, run into drawing files that are a mess. There may be lines on top of each other and items that are written more than once. When you try to get rid of a line, it stays on the screen. Because lines sometimes overlap, you may have to delete the same thing more than once before it finally goes away.


You can easily move objects between Model Space and Paper Space using the SPACE command. Unlike cutting and pasting commands, the CHSPACE command changes the drawing’s scaling so that the object will look the same just like as it did before. Since the command lets you move objects quickly between spaces, it will be most useful when you are making legends and keys.


In this case, the BURST command saves time. When you use BURST, all the text values in a block will stay the same. This means that you don’t have to change the text afterward, and the BURST or exploded block will look exactly the same as when it was a whole block.


CAD Management is a key part of knowing how to use AutoCAD well. By how you organize your files, you can show that you know what you’re doing in AutoCAD. It can be hard to work with these files.


Every AutoCAD drawing has text as a part of it. Even the most sought-after CAD artists in the world have to spend a lot of time editing simple text. Even though most of these text changes are small changes or spelling mistakes, you may also need to change a word, phrase, or number that appears more than once in the drawing.


By using the PURGE command, the size of these files can be cut down. PURGE will get rid of all the blocks, layers, line types, and other attributes in the file that are not being used. You can always choose which objects to delete, but you can only get rid of objects that are no longer in use.


AutoCAD has a tool that looks for mistakes in drawing files and fixes them on its own. The AUDIT command can help you if your file gets corrupted by accident.


The AUDIT tool can fix your project, which keeps on freezing or crashing. However, what if the file is so broken that you can’t open it at all? Here, the RECOVER command comes in handy. With this command, you can choose a file that hasn’t been opened yet. Then, AutoCAD will put the file through a series of tests, look for mistakes, and try to fix them.


The current viewport is filled with a map from an online map service. You can only see the map if you are signed in to Autodesk A360 and the drawing file has information about where you are.


Drawing cleanup helps you make your maps more accurate, fix common map mistakes (like ones caused by mistakes in surveying, digitizing, or scanning), and remove unnecessary details from complex maps.


Save the file by itself. Very helpful when AutoCAD stops working, and you haven’t saved any work in hours. It’s the same as SAVEAS if you haven’t named the file yet.


Displays a set of information about a selected object, such as its line thickness, color, dimensions, radius, and area.

13. CAL

It’s almost impossible to draw anything without doing some simple math in the drawing. Most of the time, the measurements you have are not enough to make a perfect sketch. So, AutoCAD lets you do these things without having to get out of the window or use a calculator. Just type this command, and you’ll be able to do the most common tasks right in the command line.

To sum it up…

Creating drawings for engine valves and other engine replacement parts for manufacture with the assistance of AutoCAD is helpful in ensuring that measurements are exact. In order to continue machining with the reference of the blueprint, drafters can be done in two different types: firstly, the wiring diagram and secondly, the surface model diagram for use in manufacturing, assembling and repairing.

The blueprint will be carried with the job for its complete phases, from start to delivery. In between those stages, production teams, quality teams, and machine handling teams will review the design in case of any issues with understanding. It is also utilized for monitoring the number of orders that have been finished within the allotted amount of time. Check out if you want to understand more about AutoCAD uses and tips.

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