A brothel is a hotel, nightclub, or building where people come to engage in sexual activity. A brothel comes with different names according to the local slang. A person hired for sexual activity is called madam, bawd or princess. Parramatta is a buzzing city in Australia known for its commercial art and film scenes. People are not surprised when they hear the word Parramatta brothel since the town is famous for adult films.  

Categories of workers in a brothel

There are different types of brothel jobs in the city of Parramatta. Some of them include:

i) Entertainer- An entertainer is a person that performs various role plays and lap dances to the person who hires them. Entertainers are usually hired on a bachelor party to spend one night doing wild things with a stranger in Parramatta. The entertainer should match the employers’ specifications beforehand as it may lead to legal disputes later. Entertainers are generally hired from an agency and trusted sources due to safety concerns for both parties. 

ii) Prostitute- A prostitute is a person hired solely for sexual activity. A person who is hired for such an activity in Parramatta must give and take consent. They are paid on an hourly basis according to the quality and duration of services. Such actions generally happen in a brothel or private place.

iii) Receptionist- A brothel or a sex club requires management to keep a record of the bookings and reviews given so they can pass on to the concerned agencies. A brothel receptionist, though not involved in any sexual activity, is a part of brothel jobs since they are a part of managing a brothel. They are paid a commission to take care of the police in counties where sex jobs are illegal.

iv) Stripper- A stripper is the most popular and respected position in a brothel in Parramatta. The city, the capital of the film industry and art, is popularly known for its tourist attractions and nightlife. Parramatta’s nightlife includes strip clubs, nightclubs, street food, movies, boating, etc. A stripper, also known as a pole dancer, is a talented individual who is generally slim in build and performs stunts with a pole. The person is quite flexible and is widely appreciated. People come to strip clubs to relax and watch these people perform. This is also the safest among other sex jobs in Parramatta. 

Sex work in a Parramatta brothel is legal if it is done according to the rules and regulations of the NSW act of Australia. 

A new perspective on brothels

Earlier, women and children were kidnapped by traders and transported overseas for sex work. They were not paid and were not free to leave. This is called human trafficking. They were forced to engage in sexual activity with strangers. With the legalisation of sex work in Australia, the city of Parramatta witnessed a drastic change in this aspect. People’s mindsets changed over time, and sex workers are now treated with respect. Doing sex work is a person’s choice, and they should not be judged for it. 

One should always hire a person from a good and well-trusted brothel who is permitted to engage in sexual activities and entertainment. This should be done to avoid legal conflicts later. Consent should be taken from both parties to make sure that none of them is being dragged forcefully to perform such activities. The mode, method, and payment amount must be decided beforehand to avoid disputes.

With changing times, the perception of the word “brothel” has evolved, giving it an entirely different meaning in today’s world.

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