7 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Instagram Presence 

Instagram is a social platform for people looking for visual content they can enjoy. So, once you find ways to grow on it, it is easy to make a name for yourself by looking for new ideas on what and how to post. Also, you can increase your Instagram likes, attract more followers, and overall engagement. Have both a personal and business account to separate the niches, boost the content, and interact with your followers better. Below are tips to help you step up your Instagram presence.

1. Edit captions 

Always check your captions every time you post. Edit them if you left out something or notice any mistakes. Today, you can edit captions if you want them to state something different or start over and repost it. It is vital to edit captions and post them with no typing errors and mistakes to show you care about the information you share. Also, you can add and remove hashtags to your posts to fit them as they should.

2. Stay on top of popular posting trends 

7 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Instagram Presence 

Instagram trends are new almost every day, and there is always something hot to follow. There are trends on how to share images and post high-quality photos. Therefore, to step up your Instagram presence, keep up with the trends. In this way, you ensure you maintain your engagement. Plus, things on social media move fast. So, trending topics today may not be as cool as tomorrow. Some stay current by keeping your content fresh.

3. Publish at the right time 

7 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Instagram Presence 

For your followers to see your posts, publish them at the right time of the day. People may seem to be staring at their phones every time, but there are optimal times to post and the best times of the week to publish your posts. Therefore, for people to see your content, pay attention when you post, and get as much engagement, figure out the best time to publish. Check the activity trends on your platform to know when you have high traffic. Once you know when your audience is most active, you can generate more likes and views.

4. Tag posts to corresponding geographical locations

Take the advantage and tag your photos and videos to places where you took them. You can manually enter the location or select possible locations through the GPS. Tagging posts in this way ensures people can view them under the public page for that location. So, when people search by location, they can view your images. In this way, you get more exposure depending on how popular the area is from people checking it.

5. Use appropriate hashtags in captions

7 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Instagram Presence 

Hashtags come in handy on Instagram for people use them to find themed content. Thus, use hashtags to help your audiences and other users to filter results based on phrases or keywords categorically. People are always searching for hashtags. Plus, to increase your engagement and following, add a few appropriate hashtags to drive traffic to them.

6. Use shout outs to get more followers and increase exposure 

Partner up with other users and agree to promote each other pages. Agree on using shout-outs to post each other’s photos or videos for some time and encouraging each other’s users to follow the other person to learn more about their niche. A fast and effective way to grow your following is through using shout-outs. You have to do it consistently with other users with a similar following to allow various people to learn about your page, and as a result, you should see new followers on your page.

7. Use Instagram Direct to message individuals or groups privately

7 Tips to Help You Step Up Your Instagram Presence 

Some followers love extremely active accounts, and others do not. But, with Instagram Direct, you can share a photo or video privately with one or more followers. Also, it is possible to direct message your Facebook friends from Instagram as Facebook has integrated messenger into Instagram direct. Instagram direct is better when you need to contact the user directly than commenting on one of their posts. Plus, you can use it to share relevant content to a small group of followers instead of everyone.

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