Bringing To Light Two Underrated EHR Solutions

Here we will discuss NOSH EHR and VistA EHR. These are highly-intuitive solutions but don’t get their fair amount of reputation as they are not renowned like Allscripts and other EMR platforms. This is because a significant chunk of the EMR market comes under a few EMR solutions, and they don’t let any other EHR firm harm their reputation. That’s why today, we thought about bringing to light two best-in-class EHR solutions capable of streamlining clinical practices. One is for family physicians, whereas the other, VistA EHR software, is for veterans.

Let’s discover the details of these fully-functional EHR solutions.

About NOSH EHR Software

NOSH ChartingSystem is an intuitive EHR platform created by a solo family practitioner, Micheal Chen. He realized that the EMR system he was using was clumsy and dictated how he should manage his clinic. So, he stepped forth to build innovative healthcare solutions from scratch with a user-friendly interface. NOSH EHR offers easy-to-use features and streamlines practices with smooth information flow across the clinical network. In addition, the critical data is automatically inputted into the patient records removing the need for manual data entry.

It focuses on enhancing the patient experience and thus assures that practitioners have to spend minimal time on screens and more time interacting with the patients. Care providers are its priority, as evident by NOSH EHR features, and it provides equal medical care opportunities for all specialties. In addition, NOSH EHR is modified over time to introduce the element of intuitiveness into all its features and services. Above all, this standalone EMR system can even be installed in clinics if the clients want an on-premise EMR solution.

NOSH EHR Features

These are the out-of-the-box features of the NOSH EHR ChartingSystem.

Standard Database Integration

  • SNOMED-CT database integration
  • CPT database integration
  • ICD-10 database integration
  • FDA drug database
  • Chart features:

Active issues list

  • Medication list
  • Supplements list
  • Allergy list
  • Past encounters
  • Organized document handling system
  • Automated task reminder
  • Ability to create personalized templates for the HPI, ROS, and PE.
  • Ability to create personalized electronic patient forms.
  • Online scheduling system
  • Provider ordering service and computerized provider order entry.
  • E-Prescribing with cross-checks for medication interactions.
  • Online patient guides and educational resources.

Practice Management Features

  • Export claims in HCFA-1500 format as a PDF document
  • Export claims to a claims clearinghouse
  • Ability to track remaining balances
  • Ability to track revenues
  • Health supplements documentation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Vaccine documentation
  • Ability to handle patient queries

Patient Portal Features

  • Secure two-way messaging
  • Schedule appointments online with the provider
  • Automatic appointment reminders through email or SMS
  • Review lab results and other care-related documents
  • Patients can fill out registration forms, medical history forms, etc.
  • Patient data is directly integrated into the portals after patient encounters.

Communication Features

  • Electronic fax integration
  • Clinical synopses by means of a Continuity of Care Record
  • Printing a partial or full chart into PDF format or directly faxing the document
  • Export health-related information in a standardized format, C-CDA
  • Import documents via uploading PDFs or faxing

Pediatric Features

  • Growth charts
  • Immunization tracking
  • Well-child check documentation
  • Vaccine information Sheet printouts

NOSH EHR Reviews

For a relatively new EMR solution on the market, NOSH EHR is supported by optimistic user reviews. Medical professionals having real-time experience of its credible services highly recommend this low-cost solution.

Some considerable reviews of NOSH EHR:

  • It is an all-inclusive platform for low-budget practices looking for affordable open-source EHR solutions.
  • Ease of use, smooth navigation, and impressive layout dictate the vendor’s reliability and trustworthiness.
  • NOAH EHR protects petite data through military-grade security and features a secured interface for data sharing.
  • NOSH EHR reviews show that this software is highly versatile and offers premium billing services.
  • This super-efficient and fast, modular solution fit all care practices’ needs as it is immensely customizable.


VistA EHR is an open-source EHR software developed by the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs with a keen focus on clinical challenges faced by veterans. This enterprise-wide information system empowers veterans with real-time meaningful data insights. It is successfully implemented in over 1800 clinics nationwide and around 68 hospitals. Additionally, this specialized EHR solution utilizes valid lines of codes to understand the language specialists use explicitly.

Furthermore, it is highly scalable and fully integrated, thus helping practices grow. This customized solution instantly responds to the complexities faced by veterans by featuring intuitive tools and services. VistA EHR software supports HL7 standards for health information exchange; thus, there’s no chance of losing data confidentiality. VistA EHR software offers free services for qualified veterans for medical services, but it doesn’t provide billing services.

VistA EHR Features

VistA EHR offers compelling clinical and administrative features and services for simplifying multiple tasks for veterans. Here are some of the most capable features of VistA EHR.

  • E-prescribing
  • Imaging
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile ELectronic Documentation
  • Care Management
  • Ambulatory Care Reporting
  • Record Tracking
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry
  • Patient Care Diet Orders
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Laboratory Tests

There’s much more to the vendor for its users. You can visit the official website of VistA EHR to learn about its features.

VistA EHR Reviews

The reviews of VistA EHR are enough to understand this healthcare platform’s full potential. Clients are quite impressed with the vendor’s care management services and more. A positive customer outlook supports this less-pricey solution.

Here are some noteworthy reviews of VistA EHR.

  • VistA EHR offers customizable and highly flexible features which are easy to use.
  • It maintains a strict code of ethics in clinics with its pro-grade services.
  • Keeping track of patient records is pretty simple for veterans using VistA EHR software.
  • As it is a patient-centered solution, scheduling appointments is a lot easier.

VistA EHR Software vs. NOSH EHR Software:

There’s no point in comparing these two solutions as both are associated with unique medical practices. They offer clinical services in totally different specializations, which is why there are significant differences in their product and feature offerings. However, we tried our best to elaborate on these low-key EHR solutions so you can shift to them instead of running after pricey EMR platforms. Both these systems are capable of managing clinical practices with pure efficiency. Read the reviews of VistA EHR and NOSH ChartingSystem for making a final decision.

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