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The 160 locations where ExpressVPN operates servers total over 2,000. Being close to a server might slow down your internet, thus it’s critical for VPN providers to have several servers spread out over the globe.

British Virgin Islands is where ExpressVPN is headquartered. The British Virgin Islands are a British colony, but they have their own laws and are not a part of any global monitoring coalitions. This indicates that expressvpn is exempt from monitoring regulations that would permit spies to lawfully access user information. Furthermore, there are no data retention regulations in place in the British Virgin Islands.

Despite these benefits, ExpressVPN has faced controversy on occasion, notably recently. In one of the biggest tech acquisitions in history, Kape Technologies paid $936 million to acquire the business in the beginning of September 2021. Crossrider, a business with a track record of creating malware, was the precursor to Kape.

What Sort of Tunneling is Offered by ExpressVPN?

The ability to employ split tunnelling was another excellent feature of ExpressVPN. With this type of tunnelling, we had the choice of sending part of our data directly to the internet while using a VPN tunnel for our private traffic.

This is how it went: We choose which apps within the app are permitted to connect directly to the internet. For example, Slack calls regularly time out while we’re linked to a VPN, therefore we opted for Slack. When we activated express vpn erfahrungen, all of our devices—aside from Slack—were linked to the VPN tunnel. As a consequence, our team meetings went smoothly and ExpressVPN secured the private documents we provided with the group.

Encryption with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN used AES-256 bits, the cutting-edge encryption standard that the U.S. military employs, to encrypt all of our data. Our IP address was fully anonymous and changed often, and our connection had a dedicated, encrypted, private domain name server. Our information was encrypted using the following techniques:


A popular VPN technology called IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange version 2) automatically re-establishes your connection to your VPN once you lose internet access. Anyone who enjoys switching between Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots, a very popular dance when using the Internet in public, will find it to be especially useful.


In order to strengthen security, IP Security frequently works with other protocols to provide secure Internet connections. IPsec operates in one of two modes: tunnelling mode, which encrypts the complete data packet, or transport mode, which simply encrypts the data packet content.

VPN hardware: ExpressVPN’s Aircove Router

You may be familiar with virtual private networks (VPNs), which you can instal on your router, and its advantages, including how they secure all of the devices that are linked to them and all internet traffic coming from your home network. However, setting up a router VPN might be difficult.

ExpressVPN came up with Aircove as a remedy. A Wi-Fi 6 router called Aircove is configured to provide expressvpn erfahrungen functions right away. Once configured, all your devices—including those that can’t connect to VPNs on their own, such game consoles, Internet of Things devices, and smart TVs—are protected. You only need to connect it to your modem.

The Aircove router can simply be managed using a web interface and has speeds up to 1,200 Mbps (of course, depending on the speed of your ISP).

The ability to easily configure how each connected device connects to expressvpn is one of the finest features of Aircove. Your devices can connect to up to five VPN servers that you specify. For the greatest speeds, you could, for instance, have your smart TVs connect to the Australian streaming server while your PC and game console connect to the nearest server. Even while certain devices may still access the internet using a standard router, you can exclude them from the VPN network. All devices connect to the VPN when using the majority of router VPNs, and only one server location may be used at once.

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