How to strategize your Game according to different poker hands

Poker is the game that needs multiple skills including bluffing, betting, and math, etc. If the person is good at all of them their win is inevitable. If you strategize your game you have to focus on players capacity, diligence, poker hand and the bet. One Of the basic strategies says that if you have a stronger hand you must bid for a higher amount but if your poker hand is not strong then keep it lowkey.

Strategizing your poker game according to hand you have got needs stimulation, because you might not get time to strategize things. the theoretical basis for most poker techniques, due to the fact that we never know other players’ hands with 100% certainty, it has limited applications in practice in its original form.


The profitability of a play in poker is determined on the basis of the risk and rewards concept. This concept takes a simple mathematical form in the definitions of various odds and the relations between them. The most common use of odds is the comparison of drawing odds and pot odds.

A drawing hand is a hand that has little value in the current situation but can improve significantly through certain future cards (outs) which are said to complete a draw. Drawing odds are defined as the ratio of the probability that a hand will not complete the draw to the probability that a hand will complete a draw.

Keeping eye on Opponents Poker Hand

Important features of a poker strategy are its potential to exploit the opponent and its potential to be exploited. If we observe that our opponent folds too often, we can start bluffing more often to increase our profit by exploiting his play. However, the opponent can adjust to our new strategy by calling more often, thus exploiting our strategy. By increasing the potential to exploit the opponent, we have opened the potential to be counter-exploited. The main flaw of exploitative strategies is that they can be counter-exploited. Strategies which are more difficult to exploit are referred to as balance strategies. In general, it is recommended to use exploitative strategies against nonobservant players and choose balanced ones otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Adjusting your game according to poker is the best technique to win big. If you are a beginner you would see a sharp difference between the game plan of every team member.. However, their game always revolves around poker sequence. You can practice your poker game through online platforms like Pocket52.

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