There are several skills you should understand if you wish to work successfully on Java projects as a developer in today’s competitive environment. You’ll need a variety of abilities, and which ones you will need depend on the position you’re applying for. However, based on the most recent assessment of Java programmer skills and current industry need, we’ll go over the Java developer should learn in 2021.

What technologies Java developer should learn?


Hello friends, another year are coming to an end, and Java Developer Should Learn technologies is a great time to reflect on what you accomplished last year and what you’ve done better.

This will assist you in developing your objectives for 2021. The most difficult aspect of being a programmer is staying current. Technology advances at a breakneck pace, and every year, a latest version of your favourite programming language and framework will be released.

For Java developers, the last few years have brought a slew of new features and challenges, such as a new Java version every six months, Spring 5, Spring Security 5, and Spring Boot 2, to name a few.

What Java Programmers should learn?

  • DevOps:


Java DevOps is essentially the application of DevOps principles and ideas to the development of Java apps. This means that when developing Java apps, segmented teams are no longer required. DevOps is a software development practise that promotes communication, collaborative effort, integration, and efficiency.

DevOps is large, and you’ll need to master a lot of tools and techniques, which can be overwhelming for some engineers, but don’t fear. I’ve put together a DevOps RoadMap for you to use to React js course in bangalore and master DevOps at your own pace.

  • Git:


The repositories in Git are similar to a VCS database management system for storing metadata for a set of files and folders. It holds both the file collected and the history of changes that have been made to those files. In Git, a repository is equivalent to a project folder.

Because most firms are moving their projects from SVN and CVS to Git, now is the best chance to learn and master Git. If you share this sentiment and wish to study or enhance your Git skills in 2021, please do so online. One of the most widely used version control systems.

  • Features of Java 9 – 15:


Although Java is sometimes referred to as a superior language, it is still widely used, with new updates being released on a regular basis. If Java development is your forte, you’ll want to keep up with the latest features that are being introduced, improved, and deprecated.

As a result, you should become familiar with the latest features of Java Versions 9 to 15, as it continues to improve its algorithm with new capabilities and versatility. So, enrol an advanced java training with certificate with frameworks to discover some new and other characteristics that will improve your career approach.

  • Spring Framework:


Spring is a lightweight application development framework that is quite strong. A spring framework, in other words, is a very well tool that supports the creation of web applications written in Java. The Spring Framework is a Java-based easily accessible framework for building micro services. Pivotal Team created it, and it’s used to create independent and manufacturing spring apps.

You can create loosely linked apps using the Spring Framework’s Dependent feature. As a result, unit testing these loosely linked apps becomes very straightforward. This also enables the developer to replace parts of the modules as necessary.

  • Spring Security:

Spring Security is an identification and connectivity framework that is both robust and very flexible. It’s the industry standard for securing Spring-based apps. Spring Security is a framework for supporting Java applications with both registration and permission.

This is Spring Eco-third System’s significant upgrade. The renowned security framework’s 5th edition includes various bug fixes as well as a big Oath 2 module that you won’t want to miss.

  • Spring Boot:

This is just another technology that every Java developer should learn in 2021 and beyond. Spring Boot took spring’s principle of simplification and turned it into an easy-to-use framework. Spring Boot makes things simpler to construct a spring-based Java application, just the same as spring provides opportunities to create a Java application.

Auto-configuration functionalities remove the majority of the pain associated with establishing the Spring application. Similar manner, starter POMs bundled often used dependencies into reusable POMs. Join the Spring Boot Java Course today to discover advanced skills and frameworks, as well as process guidelines for common tasks that a Spring Boot developer must know.

  • Angular 2+ or React JS:


The way you design online applications has fundamentally altered thanks to these two JavaScript frameworks. I’ve used Servlet, JSP, and jQuery on the customer side as a Java developer, but I’ve not yet explored Angular or React.

Perhaps one my goals for 2021 is to learn Angular, and I’ll begin with Udemy’s Angular 9 – The Detailed Guide. If you’re in the similar boat, you should look into that course; it’s quite useful.

  • Android:

You are suffering from a lack anything if you do not learn how to write Android Applications in 2021. Mobile was among the most effective platforms for reaching a large population of persons, and Android is perhaps the most famous platform for developing mobile apps.

Despite knowing the basics of Android, I have still yet to publish any Application software; perhaps 2021 will change that. If you would like to learn Android in 2021, you should look into The Comprehensive Android N Programmer Course, which is one of the best Android courses available.

  • SQL:


This is yet another essential skill for any developer, not just Java programmers. You simply cannot survive without SQL because data is the true king of any developer, and SQL has been the most important tool for interacting with and analysing data.

If users do not even know SQL, now is a great time to learn because the demand for Data Engineers is growing. If you would like a suggestion, Jose Pottila’s Udemy course The Finished SQL Bootcamp 2021: Get beyond Record lows to Champion is the best way to learn SQL.

  • JUnit:

For a long period of time, I’ve advised numerous Java programmers to learn JUnit. It’s also in my list of things Java developers should learn in 2021. JUnit has progressed as well, with JUnit 5 taking the lead. It enables you to write tests more effectively and quickly.

You should instead learn Mockto, a popular Java library for mock object creation, in addition to JUnit. Because Java programmes, including JDK, rely significantly on libraries, a mocking framework like Mockito has always been required to design a test that can execute in isolation.

What should a junior Java developer be aware of?

The programming languages that are frequently used on the job must be relevant to a junior Java developer. Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are all required skills for junior Java developers.

Aside from that, a solid understanding of System Design and Architecture is required. Additionally, one must be familiar with the numerous tools used among one’s company to build and test Java applications.

Is there a future for Java?

All through the years, Java has proved themselves being one of the most famous programming languages for enterprise software. Java is now used to run a lot of software that assists individuals in doing business and completing tasks in the actual world. Java has been and will continue to have a long career ahead of it.

Is it possible for me to learn Java on my own?

Learning Java on your own is not difficult; there are countless resources accessible for self-study and practise. Regardless of your age or skill level, there are numerous websites providing you with hands-on expertise and teach you how to programme in Java.


We’ve reviewed the most important skills for Java developers to learn in order to enhance their careers in the year 2021. This does not, however, imply that Java developers should master all of the abilities listed above.

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