Rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed

Rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed

Rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed: Gujarat is a prominent Indian province, and as of late, the Gujarati delegation’s sixth tour of duty has approved 135 Memorandums of Understanding. The sixth programme, which aimed to create jobs in Gujarat and help build India, was completed on Monday. So far, 135 Memorandums of Understanding had been signed and approved; by doing so, Gujarat’s unemployed would be able to find work, and many industrialists would contribute in numerous ways by establishing their businesses.

News Updates for Rajkot One hundred thirty-five reminders of comprehension were reached during the sixth stage of the Lively Gujarat Culmination. In Rajkot, Gujarat, India, the sixth segment of the Lively Gujarat Highest Point has concluded. The conclusion, which took place from January 11 to 13, 2023, was a tremendous accomplishment.

A brief summary of the sixth phase of the lively Gujarat culmination

In order to boost local and international interest in Gujarat, the state government created the annual Lively Gujarat Culmination in 2003. The climax provides the state government with an opportunity to showcase its framework, possible open doors for speculation, and business-friendly ways to financial supporters from India and around the world. In Rajkot, the fourth-largest city in Gujarat, the Respectable State Leader of India, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the sixth phase of the Energetic Gujarat Culmination.

The sixth emphasis of the Lively Gujarat Culmination’s theme is “Gujarat: Building a Strong Future.” This statement was intended to highlight the rational course of events and highlight Gujarat’s efforts to achieve economic growth while preserving the environment. Priests, leaders, and presidents were among the more than 5,000 attendees from more than 100 different countries that attended the conference.

Intergovernmental Agreements Approved at the Conclusion

Rajkot updates news during the sixth phase of vibrant gujarat summit 135 mous were signed: A total of 135 updates of understanding were marked by various organisations and the Gujarati government during the sixth session of the Energetic Gujarat Culmination. These MOUs are anticipated to attract investments totaling INR 10 billion (or around USD 1.3 billion) in Gujarat. The following firms have approved the MOUs:


Different MOUs have been approved in the designing, materials, and auto industries in the assembly area. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has signed a memorandum of understanding to invest INR 500 crore (approximately USD 68 million) in the state’s construction of an office for the manufacture of electric vehicles. Additional assembly companies with noted MOUs include JK Paper Ltd., Adani Wilmar Ltd., Passage India, Goodbye Engines, and more.


In the area of foundation, a few MOUs have been approved, including those involving ports, airports, and rail lines. Adani Ports and Extraordinary Monetary Zone Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to invest INR 2,000 crore (approximately USD 273 million) in the construction and operation of a new facility at the Port of Mundra. Additional foundation organisations have signed MOUs include GVK Power and Foundation Ltd., Bharat Fashion Ltd., and IRCON Global Ltd.

The media, hospitals, and lodging establishments have all backed the MOUs with the tourism sector. Hilton Worldwide has agreed to invest INR 200 crore, or about USD 27 million, in the operations and the management of a five-star hotel in Ahmedabad. MOUs have also been approved with Max India Ltd., Aster DM Medical Services Ltd., and PVR Ltd. in the travel sector.

Energy-related awareness reminders have been approved in a variety of industries, including transfer of power and ecologically friendly electricity. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Reestablish Power Ltd. and the state for the construction of a solar power office at a cost of INR 1,500 crore (approximately USD 204 million). Extra energy companies Downpour Power Ltd., Adani Transmission Ltd., and Sterlite Power Network Adventures Ltd. have signed MOUs.

Advantages of the MOUs

The MOUs approved during the sixth round of the Lively Gujarat Culmination are anticipated to have a significant impact on Gujarat’s area.

These advantages consist of:

  • More than 20,000 direct and indirect jobs are anticipated to be created in Gujarat as a result of the MOUs.
  • Financial Progress It is anticipated that the businesses attracted by the MOUs would strengthen and contribute to the state’s economy.
  • A few MOUs include clauses for initiatives that will aid local experts in expanding their skills.
  • The MOUs in the foundation sector are anticipated to improve the state’s infrastructure for utilities, communications, and transportation.


The endorsement of 135 MOUs across various industries during the sixth session of the Lively Gujarat Highest Point was a significant accomplishment. The MOUs are anticipated to provide Gujarati territory significant benefits and initiatives, including business growth, monetary development, skill development, and infrastructure improvement. The state government utilised the Dynamic Gujarat Culmination as a crucial platform to present its business-friendly plans, structure, and opportunity open doors to India and international financial backers.

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