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Rajkotupdates.news:apple iphone exports from india doubled between april and august? Are you a fan of Apple? We do have some thrilling news, though! Apple iPhone shipments from India reportedly increased between April and August, according to recent sources. That’s correct, Indian manufacturers are stepping up output and significantly impacting the global smartphone industry as the globe continues to navigate through these extraordinary times. In this article, we’ll examine the specifics of this remarkable accomplishment and consider what it means for both Indians and Apple fans throughout the world. So grab a seat and prepare to be amazed by the most recent scoop from rajkotupdates.news!

India exports double of what they did in the same period last year

Reuters reported that between April and August of this year, compared to the same time previous year, India’s shipments of Apple devices grew by 190%. The popularity of Apple’s latest iPhone models, which come in a variety of colors, is probably to blame for the surge.

Even while exports rose, India’s overall trade imbalance increased by 31% from April to August of this year. This demonstrates that enterprises in India continue to import more items than they sell. India is still the world’s second-largest maker of mobile phones behind China, notwithstanding this imbalance.

Apple exports from India have doubled in the past few months:

The Economic Times recently reported that between April and August of this year, exports of Apple devices from India had increased. This is fantastic news for India’s economy since it shows that the nation’s manufacturing industry is flourishing. This growth in exports has been mostly attributed to rising demand for Apple products abroad.

Since many years, Apple’s sales in India have increased, and this trend is set to continue. The corporation has made significant investments in its operations in India, and these investments have been profitable.

India is undoubtedly one of Apple’s most important markets, and this is going to be the case for the foreseeable future.

Reasons for the increase in Apple exports from India

A recent article from the Indian business publication “Tech Mahindra” claims that between April and August of this year, Apple shipments from India surged by more than 60%. The introduction of the new iPhone models during those months is probably the main cause of the surge.

India’s expanding middle class, which has increased spending on luxury items like cellphones, may also be a significant cause. Additionally, due to India’s strong currency, buying an iPhone there is now more inexpensive for foreigners.

Apple’s exporting ambitions in India nevertheless face certain obstacles despite these hopeful indicators. One is that there aren’t enough official dealers in the nation, forcing many customers to buy their iPhones through unreliable means. Additionally, local smartphone producers like Micromax and Samsung Electronics compete with Apple.


The Indian Express reported that between April and August, apple exports from India increased by 50%. This is probably a result of China and other Asian nations’ growing demand for Apple products. The overall volume of Apple items imported into China during this time period climbed by 74%.

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