Rajkotupdates.news:emm-negative-rare-blood-group-found-in-rajkot-man-11th-such-case-worldwide: It was determined that a man from Rajkot, Gujarat, had the “EM-negative” blood type. Only 11 instances of this blood type have been documented globally, making it one of the rarest blood types in existence. In this essay, we’ll talk about the significance of this unusual blood type and its effects on healthcare.

What is Blood Group EM-negative?

The extremely uncommon blood type known as EM-negative lacks the EM antigen. The protein known as the EM antigen, which is found on the surface of red blood cells, aids in identifying a person’s blood type. The lack of this antigen makes EM-negative blood incompatible with all other blood types except from other EM-negative blood types.

Relevance of the Blood Group EM-negative

EM-negative blood is extremely sought after in the medical industry because to its rarity. Finding a matching donor might be difficult in urgent instances where a patient needs a blood transfusion but has an uncommon blood type. EM-negative blood can be a lifeline in this situation since it can be safely transfused into people who have the same blood type.

Consequences for Healthcare

An EM-negative blood type was discovered in Rajkot, which has important implications for Indian healthcare. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, it is essential to have a diverse pool of blood donors with a variety of blood types. The identification of this rare blood type highlights the importance of better blood donation knowledge and education as well as regular blood donation initiatives to guarantee a sufficient supply of blood.

EMM Negative Blood Group is the first distinct blood type in India.

  • Only 9 persons in the entire globe have the rarest blood type as of today, but a 65-year-old man from Rajkot, Gujarat, has been found to have it.
  • The 65-year-old guy was receiving medical attention in Ahmedabad for a heart attack.
  • He required blood for a heart operation, but when the Prathama laboratory in Ahmedabad was unable to identify his blood type, his blood samples were forwarded to the Surat blood donation site.
  • The individual possesses the most uncommon blood type in the world, according to further tests. Only nine persons in the entire globe, including him, had the most uncommon blood type.
  • Since there is no EMM in the blood, the blood type has been classified as EMM negative by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT).

Negative Blood Group for EMM

Only 10 persons in the world currently have the rare blood type that distinguishes them from other humans because it lacks the EMM high-frequency.

People with the rarest blood types are unable to give blood to others or receive blood transfusions from people with blood types other than O+.

Which blood type is rare in India?

In India, EMM Negative is now the rarest blood type. In Gujarat, it was found in a 65-year-old man who had cardiac illness.


According to the data on Rajkotupdates.news:emm-negative-rare-blood-group-found-in-rajkot-man-11th-such-case-worldwide, this is the eleventh such occurrence globally of an emm-negative uncommon blood type being discovered in a rajkot man. The Rajkot man’s unusual blood group is evidence that examples of medical wonders may be uncovered even in a tiny place like Rajkot. This situation serves as an illustration of how far medical research has advanced and how it can now identify even unusual blood groupings. This revelation benefits the sufferer as well as those who could suffer from comparable diseases. It is crucial to remember that this discovery would not have been feasible without the hard work and devotion of the medical community.

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