What is VivamaxTV:

The most recent update to Vivamax, 1.29.1, was made on March 7, 2023. VivamaxTV (Package Name: is created by VIVAMAX, INC. Vivamax belongs to the entertainment genre. You may search through all of the Vivamax’s developer’s applications and discover 44 Vivamax substitutes for Android. This software is now free. In Google Play, this app is available for Android 5.0 and above.

The greatest original Filipino entertainment. All of the most popular Filipino blockbusters and successful television shows, regardless of genre.

You have easy access to the App.

VivamaxTV Download for Android


What you can perform with Vivamax is as follows:

  1. You may stream at will. Find your favourite Filipino content and watch it directly on your mobile.
  2. Create a Watchlist and binge on titles.
  3. Save your data, Watch Filipino movies offline whenever you want, wherever, by downloading them to your device.
  4. See new releases and Originals proudly manufactured in the Philippines, only on Vivamax. To atin!
  5. Take pleasure in nonstop viewing. Enjoy the largest collection of Filipino content without being bothered by ads.

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