Picuki: You may wish to see the Instagram stories of your friends or ex-partners without logging in, whether or not you have an account. In that case, Picuki Instagram viewer is definitely something you’ve heard of.

An anonymous tool for editing and viewing Instagram stories is called Picuki. Is that all, though? How can you utilize Pickui and what other features does it offer?

This review of Picuki will go over all you need to know about this Instagram viewer, including its features, advantages, and various Picuki substitutes.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a free service that lets users download reels and tales from public Instagram accounts, watch stories, modify photographs, and browse Instagram anonymously.

Pickui is therefore what you need if you want to go through someone else’s posts and tales without the account owner realizing.

Viewer of Picuki Instagram

You can see and save high-quality profile images with Pickui. It is not even necessary to have an Instagram account in order to browse and save profile images.

Picuki’s trend section is one of its most intriguing features. You can see what hashtags and images are trending right now in various categories by clicking on the trending tab.

Is Anonymous in Picuki?

The anonymity of this Instagram feature has made it renowned. Without login into your account, you may see public Instagram profiles’ posts and stories by visiting the Picuki website. Pickui is therefore completely anonymous.

Please take note that Pickuki is an independent site and has no affiliation with Instagram. Let’s now go over its features so you may familiarize yourself with its possibilities!

The Features of a Picuki

With the help of the innovative app Picuki, you may view Instagram Stories without disclosing who you are. You may quickly and covertly view and download Instagram stories and highlights with this app, all without anybody noticing.

This service has a number of helpful features, including:

  • The capability to see articles and HD profile photos.
  • To read later on, bookmark your most popular posts.
  • Finding popular images and hashtags across several categories.
  • Additionally, use locations, profiles, and categories to search for information.
  • You can even edit your own material with Picuki and download reels and pictures from Instagram. The
  • Trending feature is a useful and practical tool for Instagram users as it enables you to view the most popular Instagram content in one location.

Reasons to Search for an Alternative to Picuki

It provides an option to download Instagram photos without logging in, which is helpful for those who wish to be anonymous while saving time. Reposting on Instagram and seeing private profiles are other features it offers. Picuki also has an editing tool that can be used to add text, stickers, frames, and filters, among other things.

However, it has a few shortcomings. It works best with PC and iPhone users and is incompatible with Android devices. Moreover, it might be annoying since users cannot remove their own post from Instagram.

It is advised to look into alternatives as a result. Some of the best Picuki substitutes are included in this post.

The Finest Substitutes for Picuki

You’re definitely going to think about leaving this platform in light of all of these facts, right? Let us present the top-rated Picuki substitute available on the market, which addresses all of its drawbacks. All set? Now let’s move!

1. AiSchedul: The Finest Replacement for Picuki

AiSchedul is a social media management platform that offers its customers a number of features. They include content publication, performance tracking, and Instagram post scheduling. It also makes it possible to create hashtags and design Instagram stories and posts.

2. Inflact: No-Cost Picuki Substitute

For browsing Instagram, the second app we suggest is Inflact, which has received great reviews on Google Play. This software is simple, light-weight, and easy to use. It is simple to use and has a nice UI. You may use Inflact to browse through your Instagram feed, like and comment on posts, discover stories, and look up individuals and hashtags.

3. SmiHub: A Picuki Substitute

A simple-to-use solution for obtaining high-quality Instagram profile photographs is SmiHub. You may use it to view and download images from any public Instagram profile—including those of strangers—while remaining anonymous. SmiHub is a research tool as well as a place to download images, movies, and tales without any restrictions or costs.

4. StoriesDown: A Picuki Substitute

Another useful and user-friendly application is StoriesDown, which is free. You may see any publicly accessible Instagram post using it as a webpage.

To utilize StoriesDown, simply visit the website and type in the username of the Instagram account you like to read. You don’t even need to register for an account. It will compile all of the account’s publicly accessible posts and display them in a grid format so you may peruse and save any content you want.

5. InstaXYZ: Free Substitute for Picuki

A simple and quick tool for downloading Instagram images and videos is InstaXYZ. It may be accessed on the internet for free and is free of annoying pop-up ads. Users may download content from the top users quickly by seeing a small sample of their stuff on the website.

6. How Friendly: Free Picuki Substitute

How Sociable is a comprehensive web tool that helps users measure and track the influence they have on social media. It offers statistics and analytical analytics for a variety of well-known sites, including Instagram. Both individuals and corporations may easily assess the success and engagement of their social media accounts thanks to its user-friendly interface.

FAQs Regarding Picuki

It’s time to review some of the most common queries about Picuki at this point.

Q1: Is It Safe to Use Picuki?

Because Picuki is a web-based application that doesn’t need installing any software or providing Instagram login information, using it is regarded as safe. The website’s functionality, though, might not always be dependable.

Q2: Can I Use My Mobile Device to Access Picuki?

Yes, any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices, may access Picuki as it is a web-based platform.

Q3: Is it Free to Use Picuki?

No, Picuki is totally free to use; neither subscription fees nor payment information are needed from users.

Q4: Is It Possible to Use Picuki With Personal Instagram Accounts?

No, Picuki is limited to using publicly accessible Instagram profiles. Picuki is unable to view the profile or posts on an Instagram account that is set to private.


Picuki is an Instagram application with restricted features that lets users browse the platform anonymously. Its capabilities include searching hashtags, viewing and downloading information from public accounts, and learning more about profiles. It is safe to use and accessible from any internet-connected device.

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