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Stonk O Tracker is a web application that was built by an anonymous developer who claims to have a real interest in stocks. As of late, the so-called “meme-stock” fans on major platforms like as Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube have shown a considerable amount of interest in the tool, which has resulted in the application receiving a substantial amount of attention. On the other hand, the website has piqued the interest of a great number of people and made them wonder about its capabilities and precision. In this piece, we will discuss the many aspects of the Stonk O Tracker, including its indications and the implications it has for stock traders in AMC and GME companies.

Gaining Familiarity with the Stonk O Tracker Interface

When customers go to the stonk o tracker amc website, they are met with a message that is both straightforward and mysterious and is presented in an orange bar. The message reads as follows: “Stonk time in 7 hours, 19 minutes, and 54 seconds.” It would appear that this countdown timer is a reference to the opening time of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which indicates a certain moment when stock trading activity will get underway.

Next to the countdown timer is a feature called Stonk O Tracker, which provides details on AMC’s stock. These details include the price of the stock when the NYSE was closed, as well as an important phrase called SSR, which stands for “short sale restriction.” The SSR is a necessary safety that is placed on companies that have seen a large decrease of 10% or more from the previous trading day. Its purpose is to prohibit relentless short-selling at times when such drops have occurred.

The website also includes information on AMC equities that are traded on the Frankfurt Stock market (FRA), which is the largest stock market in Europe, and the price of each share is shown in Euros. In addition, Stonk O Tracker gives statistics on “Calls ITM Expiring,” which indicates the quantity of call options that are “In The Money” in the AMC inventory on a certain date.

A Comprehensive Explanation of the Tracker’s Indicators

Both AMC and GME (GameStop) traders may benefit from the insightful data provided by Stonk O Tracker, which enables them to make decisions that are more well-informed. For instance, it implies that if an investor decides to purchase a given percentage on a particular day, the cost would be lower compared to acquiring it on the open market at that time. This is because the cost of buying it on the open market at that time is determined by supply and demand. Traders can use this information to strategize and look for suitable dates to secure shares at a set charge with the use of this information.

In addition, the website provides information to traders on the number of each company’s stocks that may be borrowed fast. This information is useful for short sellers since it allows them to borrow more stocks. The majority of the time, these short sellers will borrow stocks from brokers with the expectation that the price will go down, after which they will sell the stocks back to the broker in order to benefit on the price difference. Because there are fewer stocks available to borrow when there is heavy shorting of an inventory, possible difficulties arise for those who engage in short selling.

Direct Registration System (DRS) Obligations and Responsibilities

Stonk O Tracker stresses the relevance of the Direct Registration System (DRS) for shareholders who want to safeguard their GME and AMC equities without depending on a brokerage firm to do so on their behalf. Short sellers may find it more difficult to influence stock prices as a result of the DRS, which enables shareholders to have direct ownership of their shares.

The Use of Metrics and the Monitoring of Metrics

Stonk O Tracker tracks not just stock-related data but also “Reverse Repurchase Agreements” (RRP) or “Reverse Repos” and the “US Daily Treasury Statement.” The RRP denotes the utilization of the Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility offered by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This facility is a mechanism that is utilized to borrow assets from the balance sheet in order to temporarily remove additional money from the system.

The “US Daily Treasury Statement” on the tracker offers insights into the coin and debt activities carried out by the Federal Government on a “modified coins basis.”

Keeping the website updated while also looking for financial support

The author of Stonk O Tracker underlines that the website does not want to make a profit and solicits donations to pay operational expenses. Donations may be made using PayPal, and donors can be certain that the money they provide will go toward charitable causes in addition to covering the website’s operational costs.

Accuracy as well as Taking Into Consideration

It is crucial for users to recognize that there has been some controversy regarding the authenticity of the information supplied by Stonk O Tracker before they go further into the metrics and indicators that are offered by the tool. In addition, users are cautioned to make sure that they have a complete understanding of all of the information that is provided on the website before making any critical choices with their finances.


Because of its unique features and stats, the web program known as Stonk O Tracker has attracted the attention of people who are interested in meme stock. Even if it provides insightful information for AMC and GME traders, users should proceed with care and conduct additional research before making their investment choices only on the information that is supplied by the website. Investors may empower themselves to make more educated and sensible choices in their stock trading operations by gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of the measurements and taking into consideration a variety of aspects.

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