Here’s all you need to know about the changes made to the Giants’ Foundry.

Giants’ Foundry is a concept for a new Smithing activity in OSRS, which Jagex has recently proposed to its player base. The players were asked for extensive feedback about the concept via survey forms and social media (Reddit and OSRS forums). Being a community used to providing helpful feedback, the players responded in mass. They gave Jagex a better understanding of what is needed for Smithing in Old School RuneScape. Even though Jagex cannot currently deliver a more in-depth rework of the Smithing skill, the Giants’ Foundry is bringing something new to a skill in dire need of freshness. And there are three elements to each skill that require an exact balance to keep everything both fair and attractive:

  • How AFK-able or focus intensive the activity is
  • How much OSRS GP you can earn from it
  • How much XP you can get

Will the Changes Destabilize the Price of Metal Bars?

The activity was initially proposed as an alternative to the existing training methods, emphasizing the low use of metal bars per hour instead of the other Smithing methods. This in itself represents a way to save OSRS GP, and however sweet this sounds, players have been concerned about how this could destabilize the market and lower the value of the used metal bars, thus having the players who sell the bars earn less OSRS gold per bar.

In their latest update about the Giants’ Foundry, Jagex has scratched the surface of the issue by stating that the Giants’ Foundry is intended only for adding value to the bars. Even though their post lacks further explanations on how players will achieve this, their initial reassurances about keeping the XP rates somewhere under 100 thousand XP per hour while you have to maintain a pretty high level of focus are consistent with this. On top of this, you could not earn a lot of OSRS Gold but instead, have your costs barely covered through the rewards.

The activity is aimed explicitly toward earlier levels than 70, which means that the bars used through this method would be negligible when looking at the overall supply and demand of metal bars in OSRS. As for the added value, that simply refers to the XP you can get per bar and not to the OSRS Gold.

However, counting on the activity you design to be unpopular to keep the market stable is somewhat counterintuitive. These aspects made the activity unattractive for most of us, so Jagex came to its senses and brought an even newer set of changes on the 11th of May. This tripled the XP amount and even brought direct OSRS gold rewards besides the points you’d earn and use towards buying rewards from the special rewards shop.

Because the XP is relatively decent now, Jagex adjusted the number of bars you’ll need for each sword from 20 to 28. As such, the concern regarding the value of metal bars still stands, and the only compensatory element could be that more players are likely to engage in training Smithing for fun so that the amount of bars sold remains the same.

From An Ornament Kit to A Colossal Sword

Another aspect that Jagex changed several times due to the helpful feedback from the players is one of the rewards. What started as a simple cosmetic upgrade, a hilt, got transformed into a giant sword requiring level 50 attack to use. But with dozens of better options, it purely didn’t represent an attractive enough reward. Jagex reconsidered and changed the Colossal Blade into a better giant sword with a unique effect aimed at big enemies and requires level 60 attack to use. If not, you’ve completed all of the procedures required to set up a new WPC2027 account. Complete the WPC2027 registration form with all of the requested information.

Giants’ Foundry: The Place to Get Another Useful Outfit in OSRS

The Smith’s Uniform is another excellent reward formed from gloves, boots, top, and bottom that reduces one tick per action of the Smithing speed when using anvils. This is the effect of the set. Each OSRS item only gives 20 percent. You’ll also be able to combine the Ice Gloves with the Smithing Gauntlets to get both effects. What’s more, the outfit will provide a boost towards the Giants’ foundry sword completion rate.

Other Changes That Made Giants’ Foundry Better Than Before

The ore packs have been upgraded to contain mostly coal. This is specifically useful for ironman accounts before unlocking the elite Kandarin diary. Additionally, the Smithing catalysts can be used at the blast furnace. This is a minimalistic way to make it up to the players who enjoyed earning their OSRS GP by Smithing metal bars at the Blast Furnace. With the overall changes, you can now get more XP while doing the Giants’ Foundry activity and snagging even more promising rewards. This is how, with the beneficial feedback from its players, Jagex managed to turn what started as a Smithing activity aimed at saving OSRS gold through its low use of metal bars per hour into a gratifying and enjoyable activity.

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