When it comes to MMOs or any game that requires players to level up skills, they are always looking for the fastest way possible. New World is no different. With so many different gathering and crafting skills to level up, it can be hard to enjoy the game without the necessary skills. New World can be enjoyed without worrying about gathering or crafting. However, if you want to craft your own New World items and make New World coins by selling them, then leveling up your skills is going to have to be part of the game plan.

There are many different crafting and gathering skills in New World. Mining, Jewelcrafting, Weaponsmithing, and Fishing are all examples of gathering or crafting skills. This guide will be focusing on Cooking. Who doesn’t like eating food right? Cooking is necessary if you want to receive temporary buffs by eating the food you have cooked.

Let’s jump into detail about what Cooking is, how to level it up, and the type of buffs it can provide you.

What Is Cooking?

Cooking is one of seven crafting skills in New World. Cooking allows you to make food that will offer special effects such as health and mana regeneration, buffs, and bonuses to other Crafting skills. Cooks can also create Dyes that may be used to color pieces of Armor.

Certain foods can also increase your stats, such as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Other types of food can increase your Luck by a certain amount of points when using a certain trade skill. Improving your chances of getting rare items. Players that want to constantly have buffs and health regeneration should level up Cooking as soon as possible.

How To Level Up Cooking?

Cooking is one of the easiest skills to level due to requiring much less experience compared to other crafting skills. So, players shouldn’t need to spend too much time trying to reach the max level with this skill. Cooking is incredibly easy to level, low cost, and only requires a Tier 2 Kitchen.

Every time you cook any type of food you will gain some experience. It is that simple. Most people stick to cooking large amounts of low-tier recovery foods because of how easy it is to get the materials and it is inexpensive. I will get more into that later. But for now, just know that leveling Cooking shouldn’t take long and is one of the easier skills to level.

Other Recommended Skills To Level

If you are leveling the Cooking skill then it is best to level other skills along with it. For Cooking, you only need to level about two other skills, however, depending on how you level cooking, you can get just focus on Fishing for the best results.

Here are the following recommended skills to level along with Cooking:

  • Fishing – This skill is great for cooking as it allows you to catch fish to make certain recipes and make bait for rarer fish.
  • Harvesting – While this skill isn’t necessary for leveling Cooking, it allows you to gather herbs, plants, and vegetables. Carrots and corn are popular in health regeneration recipes.

Cooking Leveling Guide

Leveling Cooking is a very simple process, however, it will require thousands of materials. So you will have to gather your materials yourself. This is why Fishing and Harvesting are important. Or you can get them from other players. When you have the necessary materials we can begin crafting them at a camp or Tier 2 Kitchen.

Level 0-1

Throughout all of these levels, you will mainly be focusing on crafting a lot of low-level foods. If you are starting at level 0, the only item you can cook is a Light Ration. So go ahead and start with that.

You will need the following materials:

  • Tier 1 Raw Foods (1)

Level 1-50

Next, you will need to start crafting a bunch of Travel Rations. You will also need a tier 2 Kitchen or camp.

The following total materials are needed:

  • Tier 2 Raw Foods (345)
  • Raw Foods (345)

Level 50-100

You can continue cooking Travel Rations or move on to Light Meals. Light Meals is the recommended option. It is the faster method. You will also need a tier 3 Kitchen or camp.

The following materials are needed for the Light Meal method:

  • Tier 3 Raw Foods (690)
  • Raw Foods (690)
  • Raw Foods (690)

Level 100-150

We are now moving on to Tier 4 Cooking. You will need a tier 4 Kitchen or camp as well. Unless you continue using the Travel Rations method. But it is best to move on to crafting Satisfying Meals.

Satisfying Meals will require the following materials:

  • Tier 4 Raw Foods (988)
  • Raw Foods (988)
  • Raw Foods (988)
  • Raw Foods (988)

Level 150-200

For the last 50 levels, you want to focus on crafting the tier 5 food: Hearty Meal. As usual, you will need a tier 5 Kitchen or camp to cook this food.

Hearty Meal requires these materials:

  • Tier 4 Raw Foods (1,050)
  • Raw Foods (1,050)
  • Raw Foods (1,050)
  • Raw Foods (1,050)
  • Seasoning (1,050)

And you are done. The hardest part is getting all of these materials, but there are numerous ways to get them. Either by getting them yourself or from the New World market. Follow these steps and your Cooking skill will be at 200 in no time.


In short, for players looking to make New World gold or want to maintain constant buffs and health regeneration then Cooking is essential in New World. Leveling this skill is definitely worth it, and should be one of the first skills to level. These buffs will help in battle until you can craft or find better gear. A lot of the foods can also boost your trading skills, making it easier to level up other skills.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do you have any other tips to share? Sound off in the comments.

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