What Exactly Are Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda switches are a fan favourite; they were developed by combining the housing and stems of two distinct switches to produce the ultimate frankenswitch. The Holy Panda switch combines the stem from a Halo True with the housing from an Invyr Panda. The Holy Panda hybrid is the result, and it was one of the snappiest tactile mechanical switches on the market.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Holy Panda to see what makes it unique, as well as the drama that has surrounded this transition.

What is Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda switches are made up of many switch elements; the original Holy Panda included:

  1. An Invyr Panda switch provides housing (and frequently spring).
  2. A Halo switch’s stem/slider

The Holy Panda was created by merging the solid housing and springy from the linear Invyr Panda with the stem from the tactile Halo switch. Quakemz’s original blog article on the development is still available.

What Exactly Are Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Pandas are popular for two reasons: they’re quite tactile, with a distinct rounded bump, and they sound extremely pleasant when used with the correct keyboard. The Zealios v2 switches have a smoother, more visible tactility, but they does not have the same audio profile. The Holy Pandas have a distinct sonic signature.

What does it feel like to be a Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Pandas are a tactile switch, yet their smooth bump lasts for a long time. Other switches have a similar tactile feel to the Holy Panda, but their bumps are considerably sharper, shorter, and rougher, making the Holy Pandas stand out.

The tactility of Holy Pandas has been compared to that of Topre and ALPS switches, which is a preferred tactility profile for many. Holy Pandas are a lot more tactile, smoother, and firmer Cherry MX Brown than conventional Cherry switches.

Variants of the Holy Panda Switches:

The original tooling required to create real Holy Pandas vanished a long time ago. Several firms have stepped up to create Holy Pandas that are nearly identical to the original.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Holy Pandas. The variations are discussed in further depth in Theremin Goat’s blog article.

  • Holy Pandas of the OG Invyr:

Holy Pandas’ first version, which paired the housing of Invyr Panda v1s with a Halo True stem.

  • GSUS Panda:

One of the first inexpensive and accessible recreations of the original Holy Pandas.

  • Drop+Invyr Holy Pandas:

Drop teamed up with Invyr to create their own take on the Holy Pandas. The Drop Pandas are a relatively accurate reproduction of the original Pandas, albeit manufacturing consistency in terms of lubing has been an issue. Drop Pandas are commonly found.

  • Glorious Pandas: 

Glorious’ version of Holy Pandas. They’ve built their own stem to replace the original Halo stem, while having a similar profile and claiming to use the same housing as the original Invyr Panda’s.

Is switching to Holy Pandas a wise idea?

What Exactly Are Holy Panda Switches?

The switch on a mechanical keyboard might be clicky, tactile, or linear. The tactile switches are the Holy Pandas. Tactile switches provide the clicking sensation of clicky switches without the loud sound. In terms of tactile feedback, the Holy Pandas switches are fantastic. The switch’s response is really pleasing, and you’ll notice that the switches are incredibly quick.

The switch has the ideal combination of clickiness and sound. Also, when you click the holy panda switches, there is no discernible scratchy sound. When you type a lot, this is quite important, as it eliminates any scratchy or harsh clicking sounds.

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Is there a difference between wonderful pandas and holy pandas?

Glorious Pandas and Holy Pandas are not the same. The stem from Halo Clears or Halo Trues is used by Holy Pandas. The Glorious Panda switch, on the other hand, has its own custom-made stem. The Holy Pandas are unlubed, but the Glorious Pandas are available both unlubed and lubed. The G Lube is used in the lubed version.


The Holy Panda is a fantastic invention that began with Quakemz and rapidly evolved into its own entity. Who knew that combining the two switches would result in such a fantastic frankenswitch that would become a community favourite years later?

The Halo stem and Invyr housing combine to provide a tactile and quick switch with excellent sound. While there is a lot of controversy around who owns the switch, at the end of the day, more competition is beneficial for the customer.

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