What Are Tangerine Switches And What Are Their Benefits?

What are Tangerine Switches?

Tangerine Switches are a type of switch that comes in a variety of colours. C3Equalz’s Tangerine Switches are a unique mechanical keyboard switch. It weighs 67 grammes and has a 4mm long and 2mm wide stem. The slider is constructed of POM, and the housing is composed of UHMWPE.

Review of Tangerine Switches

From the standpoint of a linear switch, Tangerine switches are a perfect choice. The switches have the same colour scheme of a tangerine. It would be silent and incredibly smooth to operate because it is linear.

Tangerine Switches Features:

Here are some of the Tangerine Switches features that I loved.

  • Made by C3Equalz, a reputable Chinese manufacturer.
  • Tangerine switches are based on MX switches like the White, Clear, and Greens.
  • The housing is built of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a one-of-a-kind plastic substance that outperforms other common plastics like POM.
  • Not a whole lot. The transition was one of my favourites.

Is it a smart idea to use tangerine switches?

Tangerine switches have a low-profile design that makes them ideal for mechanical keyboards. They are also silent and tactile. Tangerine switches are ideal for gamers and programmers who want faster and smoother keyboard clicks. When it comes to gaming, tangerine switches can deliver amazing results, even over long periods of time.


This adhesive’s first commercially available kind is called bondic. Because our proprietary technology functions differently than any other adhesive, it is exceptionally durable. The Bondic substance doesn’t become solid until you want it to. It immediately becomes one of the strongest bonding agents available when exposed to UV light.

Tangerine V2 Switch Performance by C3 Equalz:

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The C3 Equalz Tangerine V2 switches, which I’ll refer to as Tangerine V2s for the rest of this paper to save both my sanity and stroke count on these switches, have undoubtedly been among the most hyped linear switches so far in 2020, surpassed only by Alpacas. The Tangerine V2s, unlike PrimeKB’s Alpacas, come in two varieties: a light green-stemmed 62g variety and a dark green-stemmed 67g variant. According to TKC’s sales page, both types come lubed with a “very light application” of factory lube and employ UHMWPE as the principal material in the housings – the same material used in Invyr’s new aftermarket stems that caused a sensation earlier this year.


Both Tangerine V2 switches have a bright orange, transparent housing with a variety of green coloured stems, as indicated in the preceding paragraph. These orange houses, which have the same opacity as the Gateron Ink series, are rather gorgeous and brilliant in person, and I have no doubt that they will be used in low-profiled kits just to show off the top housings when in use. The stems for both variations are also pleasant shades of green, though I wish the 62g light-green stem was a little darker in colour because it gives off a minty vibe the more I stare at it.

Push Feeling:

They’re fantastic. Seriously, what was I supposed to say as the first liner for JWK’s second self-made and branded switch production line? ThicThock’s Marshmallow switches, which were among the first to obtain their own production line and branding from JWK, received wonderful reviews for the same reason I do these switches. From what I can tell, both Tangerine V2s are wonderfully linear right out of the box, with hardly no scratch. Simply put, the factory lubing on these items is excellent.

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Since bad lubing/stems and squeaky springs cause a lot of sound problems, it’s safe to claim that these switches sound great even if they don’t have those difficulties. From start to finish, these switches are nearly silent, with a mild, soft plastic sound. They have a nice flow to them. They have a beautiful sound to them. They sound precisely like the kind of linear switch you’d want. And, as usual, I tried activating them faster in the hopes of eliciting additional jarring sounds or problems with the spring, but I couldn’t get any.


Like all of the other boxes we’ve looked at so far, the wobble on these switches is of excellent quality. The N/S direction wobbling is within the area where I’d expect it to be negligible in a full cap build, with virtually no wobble in the E/W direction. C3 spent a lot of time focusing on the tolerances for the top housing moulds for these items since the wobbling, or lack thereof, is not an accident.

Is it true that tangerine switches have five pins?

Five pins are used in tangerine switches. These are five-pin compatible and fit into keyboards that support PCB mount switches.┬áIf your keyboard doesn’t have five pins, clip the extra pins (two smaller plastic pins) on the tangerine switches and install them on your keyboard.


Let’s wrap off this tangerine switch review with a comprehensive guide to the tangerine switch. Tangerine switches are one of the best linear switches for mechanical keyboards on the market. In addition, UHMWPE is an unique housing material among mechanical switches.

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