How to become a successful vlogger on Youtube

If you want to connect with like-minded people and express your opinion to make a difference in the world, vlogging is the right thing for you to do. Today, increased vlog popularity has led many to take it up as a career option and make a living out of it.

Vlogging has become increasingly significant to overtake blogging from 2015 with the emergence of YouTube. YouTube has 122 million daily active users, making it all the more crucial for vloggers to succeed.

This blog explains how to become a successful vlogger on YouTube.

Work on a Strategy

To be successful at vlogging, you need a series of vlogs. Sometimes, people develop an idea and produce a video to start their vlog, while others will think of another vlog when the time comes. That will not take you far in your vlogging journey.

The start of the journey is a strategy to correctly project the excellent topic in the right tone. Find a niche that you’re passionate about and which is attractive to the viewers. That’s what will bring in the traffic and help you to rank on YouTube.

Check out vloggers working with a similar niche. Research to know what is working for or against them. Use the knowledge as a guide when you put forth vlogs. Most of all, be yourself, don’t put on an act to impress your audience. If you do, you will have to keep it up forever, which could be tedious. Once you are comfortable with the first part of the strategy, proceed to the next, as follows:

What Format to Use?

Many vloggers find it hard to decide on the format for their vlog. As beginners, it is easier if you choose one of the three following formats:

Screen Capture Videos

Screen capture videos are generally ‘how-to-videos from best platform movisghar and viewers are constantly educating themselves through videos to get better. If you choose an excellent topic for a how-to video, make a stunning video by editing it with a video editor and title it “How To”, you can post your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram to leverage an audience

Interview Videos

The second format to consider for vlogs is video interviews. When you put up a vlog with the title “interview with (interviewee name)”, you are bound to draw more traffic from related searches. There is more probability for others, including the interviewee, to share the video, which means you will have more people view your content with minimum effort.  

Talking Head Videos

The third format preferred by viewers is the talking head video. An individual looks at the camera as they talk, advise, pass tips, share stories, or give personal updates to their audience. The advantage is that you can connect personally with your audience. 

 How Often Should I Post Vlogs?

Viewers need to watch your regular and consistent posts on YouTube to subscribe to your channel. A few random videos cannot make your audience want to follow you. With consistency in posting on YouTube, you can gain the audience’s trust and love, which will help you retain them. 

Create Your YouTube Channel

Once your strategy is ready, start your own YouTube channel and learn to upload videos and engage with your audience. After you have created the channel, work on quality content to help work on getting like-minded connections.

Create Video Content

You would have watched many commercials and films in feature film quality and aspire to produce similar videos. But that can be hard for amateurs, and your viewer doesn’t expect videos of such a caliber. You cannot compromise on the authenticity and originality of the presented information, and viewers can differentiate right from wrong.

They watch enough videos to recognize a copy when they see it. Don’t try to fool your audience, instead answer their doubts with helpful content. Add some punch or humor to hold viewers attention. Use tools to rectify grammatical errors and eliminate plagiarism. Use one of the video formats recommended earlier in this article and provide mobile-friendly video content. 

Although you can shoot beautiful clear pictures with a smartphone, it is better to have a camera mounted on a tripod for vlogging purposes. Also, use a microphone of suitable quality for audio clarity. Start filming at sunrise or shortly before sunset to get the best lighting effect when you shoot outdoors. Use a teleprompter during the shoot for fluency and work on your looks to look good to your viewers. For better comprehension, ask questions and answer them. 

Use a YouTube Video Editor to perfect the flow between clips when they are ready. Add a soundtrack, but make sure that it isn’t too loud. If the background score is too loud, it can distort the audio.

Push for an engagement by adding a Call-to-Action (CTA). When you present vlogs that help people keep coming back for more. A CTA is your initiative to hold their attention a bit longer and hook them to watch more videos.

Provide an HTML link to the video to help the audience share it on social media or sites. Once the video is ready, you can move to the most challenging part, getting people to watch it. 

Attract People to Your Vlogs

As a vlogger, you must decide on everything to be successful. Fix a schedule for everything from the money and time to invest in making the video to choosing the time to upload it on YouTube. But if there is something beyond your control, it is to make people watch it. 

Follow these tips to get people to watch your video:

  • Use thumbnails of 1280 x 720 pixels and a 16:9 ratio.
  • The title should begin with the keyword.
  • Help your video rank on YouTube by adding a description outlining the topics in a minimum of 250 words.
  • You must repeat keywords at least three times in the description.
  • Add tags for your video to show in the related-videos column.
  • Add an end screen to promote your videos.
  • Engage with your viewers by replying to their comments in the comments section.
  • You need subscribers to your channel to become a successful vlogger. Encourage viewers to subscribe.
  • Work on real-time relationships with viewers by going live on YouTube and answering the questions from the chat.


As a vlogger, you cannot expect success with just one vlog. The start of the journey may be frustrating. But if you continue to persevere following the steps in the article, you will soon be a successful vlogger on YouTube.

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