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The opposite is also feasible if it’s possible to access the French Netflix library from another country. It seems sense that the NordVPN programme would make it possible to view the foreign catalogue from France if it specifically permits access to the French catalogue from overseas. Before netflix à l’étranger came to France, this technique was also fairly common. Before 2014, a lot of Internet users utilised a VPN to access all the American platform’s programmes as they had not yet reached French soil.

Netflix Streaming:

A European rule on the portability of transnational internet services went into effect in April 2018, and this is not an April Fool’s prank. You may now stream Netflix internationally in 2 situations:

Content providers must provide you access to your catalogue from any location in Europe in order to be considered portable.

Therefore, you may watch Netflix internationally with the same material and subtitles if you travel to a European nation. Furthermore, you won’t have access to the regional Netflix library (German in Germany or English in England, for example). Despite the fact that this could seem like excellent news, you won’t longer be able to browse other European catalogues. As a result, if you are a French expat with a Spanish account who lives in Spain, you will no longer be able to access Netflix France. Despite using a VPN Since you’ll be getting the Spanish library!

You will thus receive material from the location where your Netflix account is registered regardless of where in Europe you connect your VPN.

As a result, if you find that Netflix is no longer available in French, I advise cancelling your local account’s subscription and opening a new one in France while using a VPN. Better still, you may register for an American account to use any library in Europe! because the restrictions on European accounts do not apply to US accounts.

Best free Netflix alternatives


Peacock, which is owned by NBC, is a free movie and television streaming service that competes well with Netflix. Due to the fact that this streaming service is free, you will have to watch advertisements. But I liked that, unlike Netflix, it doesn’t ask for a credit card throughout the enrollment process.

Additionally, the platform’s main site resembles other significant streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ quite a bit. resulting in easy navigation via it. It also includes a kids’ website with a respectable selection of programming, although it is in no way comparable to online powerhouses like HBO Max.

Russian TV

Russia is the only country where viewers may get popular русское тв за границей networks including Russia 1, TNT, Match TV, STS, Channel One, NTV, and many more. Platforms for TV channels offer this through geo-blocking. As a result, none of these networks’ material is accessible abroad. You might not be able to watch Russian TV overseas due to this reason.

Copyright laws and licencing constraints are to blame for the prohibition. In general, nothing has changed! You are unable to access Russian channels overseas from here! Producers grant exclusive rights to broadcast their film or television series to several different broadcasters in order to reach the greatest number of people possible.


IMDb TV, which is owned by Amazon, offers a substantial selection of films and television episodes for free, ad-supported streaming, making it a respectable Netflix substitute. I really appreciated how this site kept the spirit of IMDb by organising the series and films according to user popularity and ratings. But it also implies that you can’t find a genre based on a recommendation. A Hidden Gems section is also included. Neat!

Its popularity stems from its adaptability to operate with practically any gadget or platform, including Apple TV, iPhone, Firestick, Blu-ray players, smart TVs, desktop computers, and more.


VPNs and proxies to access French Netflix from abroad

As a result, a Frenchman visiting another nation can encounter barriers that prevent him from continuing his favourite programmes and movies. There is a fairly straightforward approach to combat this catalogue system by IP: having access to a VPN.

On your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you should instal software called a express vpn, or virtual private network. The latter will safeguard and encrypt the user’s internet traffic before tunnelling it. You may use it, in instance, to disguise your IP address and substitute a different one from the selected nation. In fact, it’s this final function that will let you deceive Netflix.

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