Five Tips To Improve Your Voice Synthesizer Game

Five Tips To Improve Your Voice Synthesizer Game: A blog about voice generation and speech synthesis.

Voice synthesizer has transformed the working pattern of different sectors. A voice synthesizer is an AI voice that converts a written text into a speech. It is the result generated when a computer reads the world loud in a human-like voice. It is also known as Text-to-speech. It doesn’t just make machines talk but also sounds like a woman or man of different ages. There are several ways in which speech synthesis works.


The basic stage of voice synthesis is pre-processing. It reduces the uncertainty of how a person can read a text in the best possible way. Pre-processing is about reducing the number of errors when adding the text to the editor. Things like dates, numbers, abbreviations, and special characters should be changed to words.

Pre-processing uses a neural network to detect decimals, year, date, and other numerical forms. It also manages homographs. A speech synthesizer understands that a specific text has similar pronunciation but a different meaning by assessing the spelling.

Words to phonemes

Once the words to be spoken are well-understood, the voice generator should generate sounds to say these words. Every synthesizer should have a list of words and details of pronouncing them. There is a list of phonemes to help make those sounds.

So, if a computer has been loaded with words and phonemes, all it has to do is read one word, check the list, and read out the next phoneme. It may sound not very easy, but practically it has become quite simple.

Phonemes to sound

Now that your computer has changed the text into phonemes, it will start converting the text into voice. The computer will generate the phonemes in different sound frequencies. Your call is to choose the human voice.

Voice AI generator offers good accuracy in understanding the speech. It can handle different types of voices and accents. The best speech synthesis helps visually impaired, and disabled people access data. is one of the best voice AI generators to help you produce human-like voices for text. It is a simple tool with an easy mechanism to produce voices for e-learning materials, videos, blogs, and websites. Here are some ways it can improve your voice synthesis game:

  • With so many random voice generators available, improves your synthesizer game by offering you 832 AI voices and 132 languages. So, your options to convert text to speech are not limited. You can pick any voice you want, man, woman, or child, from the list available, in any language you prefer.
  • Change voice tones: Users have the luxury to change the volume, speed, and pitch of words and even sentences to create the best voices for their requirements.
  • The voices are amazingly expressive. They can be used for narration, conversation, sad, angry and cheerful texts.
  • Texts are called out with better pronunciation and a phonetics library.
  • The voice AI generator offers natural pauses where there are punctuation marks to add a human-like touch to the audio.

These tips enhance the speech synthesis results. Use them to see how it improves your audio quality.

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