Best Android Apps to Design Cool Images

In the current digital age, mobile apps based on Android and iOS operating systems have made things easy for users. People love to add more to their photos using mobile apps unless they prefer using their desktop computers to edit photos. These apps are designed to not only edit photos but also to add filters, adjust colors, include text and remove objects that you don’t want in your photos. There are dozens of mobile applications that can help you get this done.

To use these apps, you can either buy them by paying a monthly subscription or use apps that are available for free. Have a look at the following Android apps that can help you add more to your mobile phone pictures and create some sharable content:

Round Photo

The app is one of the best applications if you want to cut out your picture in a circle. Round Photo is the ultimate tool to crop out shapes on your pictures. You can add a rhombus, cross, heart, or any other shape to your picture. The tool itself is quite a simple and very convenient photo-editing application. One of the key features of the app is that you work using a very simple and user-friendly user interface. It can help you save and share your masterpiece on social media platforms that you use.

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Sky Go Estero

Il servizio Sky Go è molto apprezzato dagli abbonati a Sky TV in quanto permette di poter accedere ai contenuti Sky non solo attraverso il televisore ma anche da qualsiasi dispositivo collegato a Internet come computer, smartphone o tablet. Poter vedere sky go estero è dunque una grande opportunità.


This is one complete and professional tool developed by Google to spice up your pictures. Snapseed gets you all the classic photo editing capabilities under one roof and helps you create an attractive picture for social media and other uses. Using Snapseed, you can tune your images, crop images, add text to your pictures and use around 30 filters.

One of the unique features of the app is the selective editing feature with the Control Point technology. This technology lets you position the image for up to 8 points on the image. Also, you can assign enhancements easily. All you need to do is tap on the required area that you want to enhance and add a Control Point. Snapseed is a complete tool to use for all kinds of domestic and business needs.

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

This is a photo editing app that can help you apply different fascinating filters to almost any image. The filters can get you an extra layer of different colors or black and white. There are dozens of filters that you can select from and change the overall look of your photos. You can view the filters that appear at the lower end of your screen and you can apply and select any of them within seconds. You can also save the apps on your device and share the final image on your social media networks. The good thing about the app is that you can opt-out of the Prisma Watermark from appearing on it.

Google Play Rating: 4.4


So many pictures look extremely powerful for your social media and magazines in Vintage style. VSCO can help you use different themes and filters for your photos. For instance, you can get a little vintage touch and you can select different preset filters or purchase some themed packs from the store. The app also offers a built-in community as well where you can have a look at different inspirations and improve your work. There are so many creators you can follow from around the world.

Google Play Rating: 4.0


The tool is one of the finest apps that you can use to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from the images. The TouchRetouch tool helps you remove content that you do not need in your picture. The app itself is quite user-friendly and is optimized for users who love to use an easy-to-use, effective and affordable application that gets the job done.

To use the app, all you need to do is use your finger and highlight the items you don’t want and TouchRetouch replaces the object with pixels from the surrounding area. If you use the Single-Flick Line Removal feature of the app, you will be able to select only the part of the object you want to remove. The app is going to find the entire object and remove it for you.

Google Play Rating: 4.3

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

The app is one of the best editing tools that you can use as a paired app with your Android device. There are so many noticeable features used by the app including a way to crop, rotate, straighten, adjust levels, exposure and apply different filters to your picture. You can use the app to isolate images and make some drastic changes with different colors and apply frames as well. One of the unique features of the app is that you can upload pictures to your personal account and get a 2 GB virtual folder to keep your save tasks and not overload your phone.

Google Play Rating: 4.3


This app can help you use a great graphic designing tool to create some super cool logos and poster designs. The tool is helpful even for graphic design specialists. The app is a very vital tool to design images for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others. Apart from that, you can also make some attractive birthday invitations and invitations for weddings.

All you need to do is share your invites using your high-speed internet service by Spectrum. This way you can get the best inspiration for your big day in a matter of time. To get Spectrum’s Internet using Numero de Spectrum very easily.

If you are working on a current project or starting from scratch, you can always work your way using 60,000 templates for free. It is so easy that you don’t have to go through a tutorial to get things done for yourself or your business.

Google Play Rating: 4.6


In the end, one can say that there are many other applications that you can use to edit, design and add more to your clicks. All you need to do is simply download any of these apps using the Google Play Store. You can add any of these to your arsenal and create some cool pictures for yourself. Also, many of these applications offer some added features if you spend a few dollars and get more professional filters, tools and other settings for your images. Also, you are not required to be a professional to use these apps for your office and home.

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