The best apps for watching live streams overseas

Sports fans are often keen to follow live games to see how their favourite team is doing on the field. They need constant updates and the most recent information on sports results. You may now easily take use of all these amenities on your convenient smartphone screen if you live in a technologically advanced planet. They may view movies from anywhere in the globe at any time with the newest sports streaming applications. Although there are several sports streaming apps available, it is recommended to download the finest one on your device so you can get real-time updates on the performance of your favourite team.

NetTV live

A general-purpose entertainment app called Live NetTV offers 700+ live channels, movies, on-demand content, TV shows, live sports, and all of the most popular shows from more than 8 different nations. The assistance is completely free. It is so easy to use that you will fall in love with it right away. The app offers channels from a wide range of nations, including the US, the UK, Middle Eastern nations, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more.

You may find links by searching for the stream or channel; click on them to start the video on an external player. You can try a different link to check if it works if any of the links are broken.

ORF streaming

Searching for orf live stream im ausland outside of Austria? If you want to watch live F1 on ORF Sport Plus from outside Austria or catch up on your favourite shows like Guten Morgen sterreich, a VPN like ExpressVPN might be handy.

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation owns the VOD service ORF, which has programming that is subject to territorial restrictions. It includes some of the top must-see films and television programmes, like Freud, Hallo okidoki, Walking on Sunshine, and Scene of the Crime.


Indian viewers are catered to via the live streaming and entertainment app PikaShow. You may watch Bollywood films, Hollywood films, and Indian live TV networks with the app. PikaShow is an excellent option if you want to stream live sports, such as cricket, or any other global sporting event, such as football (La-Liga, European League, UEFA, English Premier League, FIFA), badminton, boxing, wrestling, racing, etc.

All of the biggest international sporting events may be seen live on the PikaShow live channels. On the app, you can easily watch any athletic event. Simply seek for the broadcast rights holder for the event you’re looking for.

Sony Liv

The best sports app for Android to watch live games is Liv App from Sony. Additionally, Sony India and Cricket hold the broadcasting rights for a number of high-end sports, like as MMA, football, rugby, and racing.

You may watch these games for free even without a membership, but there is a catch: if you utilise the broadcasts without a subscription, they start 5 minutes later. Considering the stuff it gives, not a terrible value. The app is only available in India, thus if you want to use it anywhere, you must utilise a VPN app with Indian servers. I would strongly advise choosing Sony Liv if you are seeking for a sports app.

Switzerland live

A serious issue frequently surfaces if you wish to watch Swiss television from another country. If the website detects that you are outside of Switzerland, access to the TV Switzerland live stream is usually prohibited.

This is because regional broadcasters, like Schweizer fernsehen im Ausland, must purchase the rights to television shows and motion pictures. For each piece of material they air, new contracts are formed. These agreements, however, are solely negotiated for Switzerland because these channels are Swiss and not international. As a result, it is forbidden to watch Swiss television outside of Switzerland.

However, how is this managed? Your IP address will be checked when you view the live broadcast to make sure people aren’t accessing it from outside Switzerland. This address contains a variety of information about you as an Internet user. This includes where you are.


With the help of the free live TV app AOS TV, you may watch free TV channels on an Android-compatible smartphone. According to the app, it hosts more than 1000 channels. The user interface is straightforward; simply do a search for the channel you want to view, and several links will appear beneath the player. You can choose from the other links if any of the ones you tried don’t work.

From the UK, US, India, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and other countries, you may watch live television. Additionally, you may view live sports from all across the world. a quick and simple app for your live TV requirements. Live sports are available from the US, UK, India, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries.

Best VPNs for streaming worldwide:

NordVPN : NordVPN is top pick for a no-logs policy, more than 30 fast Austrian servers, and top-notch security measures. Foreign streaming providers like ORF are readily unblocked. has a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

Surfshark : The greatest inexpensive alternative for watching ORF is Surfshark. No limit on connections. Exceptionally fast speeds and great security tools.

ExpressVPN: The expressvpn is the best option for viewing ORF-TVthek from outside Austria because of its blazing-fast bandwidth, outstanding unblocking capabilities, and robust privacy safeguards.

CyberGhost: This VPN has over 400 servers in Austria, pre-configured security, user-friendly applications, and quick connections. Additionally, it unblocks several services, including ORF.

IPVanish: With no connection cap, consistent speeds, and a superb selection of security and privacy options, IPVanish is a small, simple-to-use VPN.

PrivateVPN: With this service, you may stream ORF anonymously from any location while also enjoying quicker speeds than the majority, robust security and privacy protections, and great unblocking capabilities.

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