The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

Apple Pay may have given the good old wallet a run for its money, but it hasn’t quite left the building yet. Even after a thorough purge, you’ll probably still have a few cards and some cash that you can’t live without.

However, you don’t have to carry a large lump in your pocket. A range of protective accessories with a little additional room for the most important parts from your wallet are available from a number of case makers.

We tested a carefully curated set of five distinct instances to discover which is better for taking the simplified approach. All of our finalists fit at least one credit card and are perfect for fast excursions to the next convenience shop or a day at the beach. However, one stood out in your regular routine.

What we looking for iphone 6 cardholder cases?

Finding the “proper” wallet case necessitates a number of factors.

To begin, consider the building of a case: Some versions feature tight compartments to keep your cards from falling out while you’re out and about, but this makes it more difficult to get them out when you need them. Because most fabrics relax over time, a tighter fit is usually preferable, and the pockets will ultimately achieve a suitable balance of safety and convenience.

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

When it comes to materials, we suggest choosing a finish that achieves a good balance between form and function. The majority of cases are attractive, but we recommend opting for those made of more durable materials that will withstand frequent usage.

How we tested?

We put all of the cases through their paces over many days, carrying them around with us wherever we went. We focused on how functional they were, as well as how their structure and materials performed under regular conditions.

We also took note of how simple they were to install and remove, as some individuals would only need the extra wallet functionality on occasion, and how each case performed in a vehicle mount. We also tested whether we could access all of our iPhone’s ports and buttons with each cover on.

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

1. Dock Artisan Sport Leather Wallet Combo Case:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

The Dock Artisan Sport Leather Wallet Combo Case has a lot to offer. While it seems to be a regular leather folio case with three card slots and a bigger currency slot, the iPhone 6 is held in place by a polycarbonate cover that is connected to the leather wallet component of the system by magnets. Ingenious. It also means you can pull your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus out of the wallet to answer calls, snap photographs, or simply spend quality time with it without the folio piece flapping around or folding back on itself. Nice. It’s lovely. Owners of the iPhone 5/5s may also get this cover. Classic black or antique brown are both options.

2. Speck CandyShell Card Case:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

The Speck CandyShell Card Case has a side-loading slot that can carry up to three cards or folded money. The case has a strong impact-resistant surface with a shock-absorbing liner and a raised bezel for edge-of-screen and face-down protection, similar to other Speck cases. It has undergone military-grade drop testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds MIL-STD-820G drop test requirements. The sleek design, which comes in black, light blue, and light purple, keeps your iPhone 6 pocketable.

3. Urban Armor Gear Folio Case:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

The Urban Armor Gear Folio Case combines tough protection with a folio wallet that can accommodate three credit cards. The case is made up of an impact-resistant core, a gripping outside, and substantial rubber corners, all of which combine together to fulfil the MIL-STD-810G drop test standard. This wallet case is hard to beat for explorers who may occasionally drop their iPhones.

4. Wallet OtterBox Commuter Series:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

A concealed compartment in the OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet case holds up to three cards and one money. The case has a rubber layer that wraps around the iPhone 6 and is protected by a strong polycarbonate shell. A screen protector is included as well.

5. Wallet Folio by Case-Mate:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

The Case-Mate Wallet Folio is a luxury leather case that folds up to reveal three credit card slots and a transparent space for a driver’s licence or identification card. To become a part of the folio wallet, the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus clips into a polycarbonate inside cover. When the case is open, a back cutout allows you to use the camera. Another alternative is the Case-Mate Stand Folio, which includes two card slots.

6. Case for CM4 Q Card:

The Best Wallet Cases For IPhone 6/6s

The CM4 Q Card Case is a soft-touch rubber case with a leather-like fabric pocket that can accommodate up to three cards or cash. Rubber bumpers on the corners provide shock protection, and a raised bezel allows you to rest your iPhone face down. It’s available in black, gold, or green. The iPhone 6 is pocketable because to its compact design.

7. Versus Wallet Case:

The Versus Wallet Case is made of smooth PU leather in a vintage design with two-tone accent colours. On the back of the iPhone, a round cutout displays the Apple logo. Closure is magnetic. Three card slots are available, as well as bigger cash slot. There’s plenty of protection all around. Red, stacked dandy black, or layered dandy brown are all options.

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