For folks who dream jobs for travel, these are the finest careers. When I first went on a trip abroad, I turned into a money-saving machine. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I was as near to a human coin detecting as one could get. On my way to my piggy bank, I’d rummage through my parents’ pockets, dig beneath the sofa for loose change, and celebrate modest victories with a victory dance.


But, with time, I got weary of saving for a whole year in order to spend a few weeks of it overseas. So I created a travel blog in the anticipation of one day making a living as a travel writer in some faraway land. Only a few months later, it happened. However, there are plenty additional methods to earn money while travelling. Here are 15 of the finest jobs for travel enthusiasts.

The Best Dream Jobs for people who love to travel:

1.Travel Blogger:

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Travel blogging is more than a career; it’s a way of life. There is no comfort greater than a full-time travel schedule for folks who are passionate about discovering new locations. And making money by jotting down every step you take into the unknown is a risky proposition. Even better, you can create a photo blog to entice visitors with stunning photos from your most recent vacation! Nothing is more satisfying than doing what you love while also being your own boss. You may easily do both when you travel.

Being a travel blogger, of course, is one of those occupations in India or anywhere else that would satisfy your wanderlust. Starting your own blog takes some time and effort, but once you’re up and running, you can spend your days doing whatever you choose. And after you’ve mastered the art of travel, you’ll be shocked at how much content you can produce in just one trip. It only takes a sharp eye for detail and a deft use of language to turn your travel fantasy into a reality!



What could be better than soaring high above the clouds and exploring both land and sky at the same time? Being a pilot is not only a job; it’s also a duty. Whether it’s the pleasure of being among the wide poorly defined of the blues or the challenge of navigating a jet full of people clear and safely, being a pilot is not only a job; it’s also a responsibilities. There’s nothing quite like being a suave pilot in full uniform and having the entire cockpit to yourself. Furthermore, the evident benefits of travel that it delivers make it one of the most prominent features among travelling jobs in India. Being a pilot is the route to fly up and high for somebody who seeks the excitement of the unknown in all aspects of their existence.


Active Travel Photography – Getting the Most Out of Limited Equipment

Being a photographer is the finest job for someone with an eye for the perfect shot. Not only would they have been pursuing their love, but they would also have the opportunity to travel extensively. If you’re a wildlife photographer, a fashion photographer, or a photographer who dabbles in several genres, you’ll need to travel to acquire the greatest photos. A professional photographer, among the many travel jobs in India, offers maximum exposure as well as all-expenses-paid expeditions. Plus, with the lens in hand, you’ll be able to snap some stunning images that will last a lifetime! Indeed, if you want to travel in luxury, you need pick up some photography skills.

4.Travel Show Host:

We were all in a state of wonder”: Globe Trekker host Justine Shapiro reflects on the show - Lonely Planet

This is the position for you if you’ve always been drawn to travel stories and are experienced in both travelling and telling them. If you have a general desire to go to new places, an interest in learning about the past and present, and a charisma that makes you instantly liked, then hosting a travel programme is the most practical approach for you to realise your ambition of being a globe trotter. It’s not only enjoyable and rewarding, but it also pays well. The rewards are enormous in terms of finance and experiences. And, because you’ll be travelling with a group, you’ll be comfortable expressing every moment of your journey. What more could you want for than free travel, a low-stress work, and a glamorous lifestyle?

5.Merchant Navy:

Indian Navy Recruitment 2020: Job offer for Class 10, 12 pass students - Education Today News

Getting a job in the Merchant Navy is an unusual option for people looking for travel employment in India. A future in the Merchant Navy seems to be all you longed for, with adventure awaiting at every turn and the opportunity to support a nation that instils pride in the hearts of every Indian. However, because it necessitates extensive travel and presents numerous hurdles, this is only a career for the healthiest and most steadfast of individuals.

6.Cruise Ship Worker:

40,000 cruise ship workers still trapped at sea | World News,The Indian Express

Working on a cruise ship is another one of those careers that requires you to be on the go for months, travelling to various continents. For several travel enthusiasts, it is a dream job because it not only provides free lodging and food as well as excellent salary, but it also takes you to new places around the globe with plenty of free time to explore and connect and meet people.


7 Tips to Keep Your Skills Updated as a Freelancer - Virtual Vocations

Freelancing is a fantastic way to work without being bound by a 9-to-5 schedule. It is particularly useful for travellers because they can work at their leisure. You can freelance any skill you have and travel whenever you desire. As you travel, you may set up your company in any cafe, store, or even train stations and airports, and meet your commitments even on the go!

7.Event Coordinator:

10 Event Coordinator Tips They Never Taught You In School | Rossi Live Music Blog

The event coordinator is one position that has proven to provide professionals with limitless exposure. You get to meet new people and travel to different cities and countries for fresh and exciting events in addition to demonstrating your management talents. Again, it’s a big job with a lot of responsibilities that requires your undivided attention, but one of the best parts about it is that you get to travel!


Being an archaeologist gives you the opportunity to spend time in the field. Archeology is a fascinating job that involves everything from watching, learning facts, and collecting samples and artefacts from archaeological sites in order to research them and understand about their past. Most importantly, Archaeology may be a good fit for persons who like to travel because it allows them to explore historical places all over the world.


Male and Female Partners Shaking Hands, Come to Agreement, Diplomatic Relations by Motortion

A diplomat with the Indian government is another similarly difficult road to take if you want to work from one of those travelling occupations. Of course, passing the national level civil services exam necessary to become a diplomat necessitates devotion and hard work. However, if you make it through and achieve a decent rank, you may be among the select few who are offered a position in the Indian Foreign Service. This is not only a prestigious and important position, but it also allows you to travel to other nations.

10.Au Pair:

Indians can live and study in another country while caring for the children of a host family. A relatively new trend that allows young people to travel to different countries while simultaneously contributing to a good cause.

11.Travel Agent:

Travel Agent, ट्रैवल एजेंट, यात्रा एजेंट, ट्रेवल एजेंट in Ambikapur , Yadevi Associates | ID: 20666417733

Again, it’s a fairly hectic job that entails hearing a lot of shouting and dealing with a lot of people. On the plus side, you get incredible ticket savings and exclusive knowledge of the finest offers.

12.Hotel Job in a Foreign Country:

If you working at an international hotel chain, there’s a chance you’ll be transferred to a different branch in another state or country. Working for a company with a foreign branch is the same.

13.International Aid Worker:

How to find a career in humanitarian and international relief work | Guardian Careers | The Guardian

In this line of work, you not only have to travel far, but you would get to see the opposite side of the earth. Interact with others who are dealing with real issues and feel good about your contribution.

14.Travel Nursing:

What are the common pros and cons of travel nursing

It helps to have some expertise in the field, but even a complete novice can apply for nursing positions abroad, which come with full pay, medical insurance, and in some circumstances, even lodging. If you do not really mind the blood, it’s a pretty good deal.

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