Top Careers for Masters in Development Studies

Masters in Development Studies or more preferably which the students pursue at their postgraduate level, Master of Arts in Development Studies is a unique degree coming under the Arts stream. This course primarily focuses on providing the students with the knowledge of historical changes that come in the configuration of the state, social institutions, as well as civil society along with their increasing consequences on developing countries like India.

Candidates in this course will explore the challenges that arise in development as well as public policy. Various topics are present in this stream including Geographics, Economics, Society as well as Human Growth. Students will also get to work study about various foreign languages, along with project management, and behavioral science. Fieldwork comes as the part and parcel of this course. This course can also be accessed from LMS portals.

Coming to the career options, the numbers are multiple when you check about them in detail. To be eligible for this course, a bachelor’s degree with 50% aggregate marks is necessary, and once you finish with the master’s degree, you can have the potential to earn an average annual salary of INR 5,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs per annum. Candidates with this degree are generally seen working in Corporate Organizations, NGOs, Consultancies, PSU, etc. Check out the top careers you can attain with this degree in the sections below.

Top Careers for Masters in Development Studies

Public Policy Consultant

A great job option to choose with the degree of Masters in Development Studies in Public Policy Consultant. Public Policy Consultants are engaged in identifying the existing issues as well as the problems that a particular politician or even a political party faces. They are responsible for working on these types of issues and also offer solutions along with suggestions for enhancing them. The average salary of a Public Policy Consultant in India is nearly INR 7.5 lakhs per annum.

Admission Officer

Admission Officer is one of the most unique job options to check out with the degree of master in development studies. The job of an admission officer is high-paying as well as renowned and a large number of candidates are applying for it nowadays. Though to become an admission officer, a degree in development studies isn’t required in general, having this degree can make you skilled with the works of people engaged in this profession, from earlier on.

They are responsible for evaluating the applications from prospective students interested in attending their educational institutions. Primarily, they are engaged in handling the intake, evaluation, and processing, along with the determinations of the submitted applications. The average salary of an admission officer in India is INR 5,63,000 per annum.


Being a professor or even a lecturer is one of the most renowned as well as high-paying job options in society. As Development Studies is not among the most popular subjects and a huge number of students do not pursue it, hence the need for a professor as well as a lecturer in this area is highly there.

As a professor of development studies, you’ll be required to make a course curriculum of the subject, provide adequate knowledge to the students from the given syllabus, and ensure that the students don’t have any doubt regarding any related matter, eventually ensuring effective learning. Besides being a professor of development studies at any college or university you can also be a teacher of any LMS portal in this subject. The average salary of a professor in development studies is INR 6,63,000 per annum.

Social Worker

Among the most unique job options, the work of a Social Worker comes at the top as the persons in this profession are engaged in social welfare. Social Workers are primarily skilled professionals who work with almost all types of people, along with groups and communities. The major reason behind this is to help them lead their life in a much better way. Their focus areas of work are generally with people suffering from poverty, discrimination, social injustices, etc. The average salary of a social worker in India is INR 3,64,000 per annum.

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