How to Delete or Transfer a Discord Server

What is Discord server?

A Discord server consists of a number of channels. People who are joined to a channel can interact with each other via text messaging, phone and video calling, video chat, live stream, and other methods.

How to Delete Discord Server?

If you’ve recently started a new Discord server, your task is quite simple. You might not have a large number of people to monitor because you’re just hosting a few of your Discord pals. This can alter as your community grows larger and moderation becomes more necessary.

How to Delete or Transfer a Discord Server

While certain Discord bots can assist in making moderating a bit simpler, it still takes time, which you may not have. You could also be having other difficulties with the platform, such as security issues or a slow streaming bitrate, in which case Discord Nitro can assist.

Whatever your worries are, if you’ve become weary of your Discord server, it may be time to hand it over or remove it completely. This is what you’ll need to do if you would like to know how to delete a Discord server.

How to Delete a Discord Server on the Desktop?

It just takes several clicks on the desktop application to permanently delete a channel. Make sure everybody on the channel is aware of what you’re doing so they aren’t startled when it vanishes, and then follow the procedures below.

  • First of all, log in to the Discord app or website. Select the server name in the drop-down menu, then select Server Settings from either the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Delete Server button at the left bottom menu in the Discord server settings menu.

How to Delete or Transfer a Discord Server

  • You’ll want to confirm that you wish to delete your Discord server before you would do so. To do so, enter in your server’s complete name, then confirm by clicking Delete Server.

How to Delete or Transfer a Discord Server

  • You won’t be able to undo this, so make sure you’re certain you need to do it before you confirm your decision.
  • Your server will be deleted from Discord after confirmation is received.

How to Delete or Transfer a Discord Server

  • All server customers (including you) will be unable to view or connect it, resulting in the deletion of all shared messages and information.

How to Delete a Discord Server on Mobile:

You may also delete your server via the Discord app if you want to use Discord on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device. The same conditions apply—you won’t be able to recover your Discord server after it’s been erased, so make sure you want to go forward with it.

  • Open the Discord application on your smartphone device to delete Discord server. Click the hamburger menu icon in the top-left side to open the menu panel.
  • Select your server by pressing the server icon on the left if you aren’t already there. Tap the three-dot menu button next to your server name at the top after you’re active on it.
  • At the bottom of the display, a menu will appear. To enter the Discord server settings menu, press the Settings icon.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon in the upper corner of the Discord server settings menu.
  • Tap Delete Server from the drop-down option to start the server uninstallation procedure.
  • You must confirm you want to remove your server. Select Delete to confirm your selection when you’re sure.
  • Discord will delete your server after it has been confirmed. All server users will be deleted, as well as any stored or shared material.

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Transferring Discord Server Ownership:

There may be another method to unload the duty before you take the dramatic step of shutting a Discord server. You may give another user complete authority over a Discord server by transferring ownership to them. They will be able to alter, edit, and moderate it in the future.

You can no longer get any assured control over the server as a result of this. If you subsequently wish to create other users moderators or administrators, for example, you’ll only be able to do so if the new owner gives you permission. After that, you won’t be able to remove the server since only the new server owner will be allowed to do so.

  • Open the Discord pc client or go to the Discord website to transfer ownership of a server. When you’ve logged in, go to the top-left and pick your server name, then choose Server Settings.
  • Select the Members option from the Access Management category in the Discord server settings menu on the left.
  • A listing of server members appears in the following menu. Hover your mouse over the user you want to transfer ownership to, then press buttons three-dot menu icon.
  • Select the Transfer Ownership button in the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to transfer ownership on Discord. If you’re certain, click the slider, then confirm by clicking the Transfer Ownership option.
  • The new owner will be shown in the Discord users list with a crown beside their name after confirmation is received.
  • The server responsibilities you had previous to the ownership transfer will determine how much access you have left.
  • While you won’t be able to reverse the change, the new owner will be able to transfer ownership back to you.
  • However, this is only feasible if they are willing. Ensure you’re certain about your decision before transferring ownership, as you may not have been able to reverse it.


Discord is communication software that allows you to establish and administer your own chat servers. In this post, we demonstrated how to delete a Discord server using both the desktop and mobile apps, as well as how to transfer server ownership between users.

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